Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ready to See the MD

I am excited to see the doctor tomorrow, it has been three weeks since we last saw Dr. Kirshon. I am so curious to see the babies on the ultrasound. I want to see how they have grown and to also double check the sex of each baby. We should also get a better idea on when I will be admitted to the hospital. I hope I won't have to be admitted just yet. I love my own bed and the independence to get up once in a while. Home is much more comfortable than the hospital. I know I will also get so lonely at the hospital. I do hope I will have many visitors. We will give everyone an update tomorrow following the appointment.


  1. Dr. Kirshon delivered my babies too! Actually, Dr. Karolina Adam was my real doctor, but was out of town when I went into labor. You're in good hands!

  2. I went to see Dr. Kirshon when I had a complication with my second pregnancy. My dad is a doctor and wanted to make sure I was seeing a good doctor, so he did some research on Dr. Kirshon. He passed my dad's test, and I really liked seeing him. I thought he was very positive, professional, knowledgable, and kind. I hope you are finding that too!

    Kimberly Oldham


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