Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Week 22!!!

It is official, I am 22 weeks along today and counting. I was wondering if I was going to make it to the 22nd week, after last night, but here we are. The babies and I are hanging strong, after all that ruckus yesterday. We will continue to take it one day at a time until I can't hold those little rascals any longer. I am striving to stay positive through all of this. I know this is a very special occasion for Thomas and I. We are creating life, what a sacred and glorious opportunity. To me there is no greater thing I could be doing at this time in my life. With all the challenges that I know will come, I am doing a great work, and that is what motivates me more than anything else. We are so excited to bring these beautiful children into the world. Thomas and I often discuss what will they look like, who will each one of them look like. We are getting more and more excited as each day passes.


  1. I am following your blog from Salt Lake City, what a great lady you are! Hang in there, we are all rooting for you ,Thomas, and those sweet babies!

  2. HI Amanda - You don't know me, but I got your blog from Bay Area MOMs and I spent a month at Woman's doing the same thing you are doing right now with the MAG and all!! Dr. Kirshon was awesome and you are in GREAT hands! If you have a nurse named Betina, she is fabulous (as are all the antepartum nurses there)! Hang in there, we are praying for you all!

  3. Oh you are doing amazing! And you look great and you are so motivated that makes the biggest difference! There surely is a higher power that will bring you to welcoming 6 healthy babies! You are surely a example to all of us!


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