Sunday, July 12, 2009


Every day 3 times a day for one hour I wear a monitor for contractions. I don't really like to wear it because I worry it will show a lot of contractions and I will have to advance to stronger anti-contraction medications. I was told the stronger medications (terbutaline, Magnesium sulfate) cause annoying side effects. Currently I am taking an oral medication (Procardia) to keep the contractions from occurring . It's side effects are tolerable, but I'm afraid it won't be strong enough as I get farther along. I have had some contractions, but not enough to advance to the stronger medications just yet. I pray to be able to go longer before having to go on the stronger meds.

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  1. Hey Amanda, You're famous! Seriously, after I heard about your story I have been following your blog ever since :) I sympathize with you as you sit in your bed in the hospital. I will be thinking of things you can do while laying there. I'm sure there is some great purpose in you having such a story as this. Surely you will touch many lives as your adventure of six begins (which really already has begun!). You are being thought of often.


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