Wednesday, June 24, 2009

17th WEEK!!

I am getting more excited each day with the babies movements getting stronger and stronger. It is amazing to feel them move. I have always wanted to know what it felt like. I am now into my 17th week of the pregnancy. I am some what shocked of how my body has handled the pregnancy to this point. I feel so blessed that I have made it thus far and have been able to control my blood sugars for the most part. I haven't had too much discomfort, but it has been harder to get comfortable in bed at night. I know challenging times are still ahead and I will experience more discomforts, but with the Lord's help I will pull through.


  1. Hi, I'm a complete stranger who found your blog through some news link...(I think LDS Living maybe?)...I hope that's not too weird! : )

    Anyway, just wanted to tell you that you look so beautiful! you are the epitome of the pregnancy glow! It is fun to follow this amazing journey that you are on. Hoping and praying that everything continues to go smoothly for you and that these sweet little spirits arrive healthy and strong!

  2. Amanda, you look great! Your almost there. were so glad that everything is good for you guys. We will continue to pray that is well!


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