Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tough Day

I have type 1 diabetes and have been a diabetic for 16 years. Today was a tough day in regard to my blood sugars. They were on the higher side almost all day. I wear an insulin pump to control my diabetes and so I have insulin available 24/7. I checked my blood sugars a lot today and kept giving insulin to bring my blood sugars down, but they just didn't want to come down. I realized that maybe my insulin had gone bad in my pump. I changed out the insulin and that is all that was needed. My blood sugars are now doing good again. I really try to make sure I keep them under excellent control. When they go crazy it makes me uncomfortable. I have been so blessed to have been able to control my blood sugars very well during this pregnancy so far. I'm surprised about that since I'm carrying 6 babies. Having type 1 diabetes during pregnancy is hard, but good control can be achieved.


  1. Thats great that you have managed to keep your sugar levels managed throughout your pregnancy, especially since your carrying 6 little ones!
    Thinking of you!

  2. i'm amazed how well your doing with having 6 babies inside. Just know that heavenly Father loves you and he wants whats best for you and those 6 babies. Your doing Great.

  3. i think it is such an amazing journey you are taking and it was so fun to meet and talk with you a few weeks ago. keep up that hard work-i loved all the news bits-so neat!


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