Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Big Thanks To All

We just wanted to thank all who have sent emails and messages to our family. We are so grateful for the kindness that has been extended to us. Thanks for the encouraging words, they have helped us feel confident and upbeat with this awesome experience that we are going through. We know that it is only the beginning of a long but happy road. We know that there will be challenging times ahead with trying to carry and raise six children. We also know that there is a God in Heaven who will see us through, because it is His will for us to continue on with this pregnancy. We know this is His will because of experiences we have had that are very sacred to us. Once again thank you to all who have so graciously stepped forward to offer us help and support. We may not know you all, but please except our heart felt gratitude for your kindness.

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  1. Hi Amanda... you don't know me, but I'm from San Antonio (I'm also LDS). I just want to wish you good luck and I hope all goes well! I heard about you from a friend, who knows a friend, etc. :) Take it easy, and ENJOY this time!


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