Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Bound!

Today is Sunday! I was not able to attend my church meetings , because I have been instructed by my physician to take it easy at home this weekend. We are trying to follow the doctors orders to a T. I am not one who enjoys missing church, but I know that this is what it will take, to keep these four little girls and two little boys growing and doing well. I am so thankful for two good church members who came and visited me today while Thomas was off doing his Sunday responsibilities. They made me laugh, and it makes me feel so good, that there are so many women who are willing to help me, by being there for me.


  1. i'm glad that people will come and hang out with you. i hope the time goes by fast for you. i'm sure it won't be fun being on bed rest. we are still praying that all goes well.

  2. I was on complete bedrest with both my pregnancies (15 months total). I missed going to church. I felt so blessed that the sacrament was brought to me each Sunday in my home. Make sure they do that for you as the bedrest becomes an everyday thing. :)

  3. Good luck! I hope everything goes as smooth as possible. I knew your husband a little when I was in his ward almost 20 years ago. You guys will be in our prayers.


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