Monday, June 15, 2009

First Day of Bed Rest

Today was my first official day on bed rest. I have to say it was strange to not have to get up and go to work. I will miss all my co-workers, but I know that bed rest is necessary to help keep this pregnancy going well. My first day of bed rest was not too bad. The day seemed to have gone by fast. A couple of women from my church came and visited with me. One of them did our laundry and the other brought over dinner. I am so grateful for their service and kindness. To pass time, I also watched TV, read and slept. I have a nice recliner that I spent the majority of my time in today. It's comfortable, but after a while my back side got sore from sitting so long. This is just something I will have to get used to for the next 3 1/2 to 4 months. I do have to give a big thanks to my wonderful husband for taking over all the house hold chores. He has been so helpful. He has really stepped up to the plate and doesn't complain. Well tomorrow is another day of bed rest. Hopefully it will go just as well.


  1. Body pillows saved my life. If you don't have one, get one. It really relieved alot of my back pain and helped me to sleep better.

  2. I surronded myself with pillows because my hips would hurt so bad. I was on bed rest for about 5 months. Almost 3 months was spent at the hospital.

  3. Amanda, I knew the Stansels quite a few years ago when we were in the same ward in Texas (Dickinson Ward). Just wanted to share that I (also) have PCOS and have had many miscarriages, and one son born at 23 weeks (he died shortly thereafter) because of incompetent cervix. I've been on bedrest a LOT, we do have one 7 y/o son now (cerclage, bedrest, etc). You definitely need a body pillow, maybe two. You might try putting pillows between your knees sometimes, for some reason it relieves pressure on your hips and can be helpful. There are parenting boards online you might want to look up, and if you sew you could make things for the babies. I made "lovies", they're about 18" x 12", satin on one side and minkee on the other. Also if you get real bored you can work on FHE lessons... like do the art work and everything, print them out and package them together in big ziplock bags (or a file folder if you have one). You could scrapbook, write visiting teaching letters for sisters who are on letter only routes, beading, other crafts (you could sell some on etsy- make money for when babies come!), write letters and thank you notes.... I reckon your backside will continue to be sore; and your hips and sometimes your shoulders... and pretty much everything else. It can be very stressful sitting there "doing nothing" all day, I remember quite clearly. But you can definitely do this- you know it's what the babies need :o). Check out this blog I stumbled across a few weeks ago, she has ready-made FHE lessons and some great ideas about things: I hope this helps a little... sending prayers and sticky vibes your way!! (Angie Pullin or Metcalf before I got married)


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