Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All about the ears - part 2

The girls had their procedure yesterday for the ear tubes. They had to have general anesthesia for this procedure and they both tolerated it well. Rachel's ear tubes were placed successfully. Dr. Albright also did a bronchoscopy and a laryngoscopy to check her airway and vocal cords due to her history of tracheomalacia and left vocal cord paralysis. Dr. Albright found that Rachel's left vocal cord is not moving after all. We were told by the girls previous ENT that it was moving a little. This is discouraging news, but I trust Dr. Albright and despite her left vocal cord not moving, her right vocal cord is moving and compensating well. She may not be a opera singer in the future, but she will be able to use her voice to talk. I am so grateful for that! I am also grateful that her airway looks great. There are no longer any problems there.
Well unfortunately our little Haley didn't get her ear tubes. Dr. Albright was not able to get them into her tiny ear canals. They are so tiny that it may take up to a year for him to finally get them in. Haley is such a slow grower. Dr. Albright was able to make a tiny incision in her ear drums to suction out the fluid behind it. Unfortunately the incision will close and the fluid will build up again. Dr. Albright was pleased that Haley appears to have a normal middle ear and with hearing aids she will be able to hear better. He states that hopefully the use of hearing aids will be temporary and that once he is able to get the tubes in her ears, she won't need them anymore. This is wonderful news and we are so pleased with Dr. Albright's work and kindness. The next thing we will be doing for Haley is getting the hearing aids.

Rachel back at home after the procedure. She's so tired.

Rachel a couple of hours later. She's all rested and ready to play.

Haley back at home sleeping.

Haley jumping and playing a couple of hours later.


  1. That is sad about Rachel's voice - but I am glad that she will at least be able to talk! even the small miracles are still miracles!

    I am glad to hear that Haley will have some hearing. What a blessing!

  2. I'm happy with the news. It is good to know that Haley will be able to hear. It is just a matter of time. Again, they are blessed to have parents like you who care and love them so much. Keep the good work!
    Love, Claudia

  3. I'm glad that everyone tolerated their procedures well, even if wasn't all good news or totally successful. You certainly have more information now than you did before. I have a question, and I hesitate to ask it, because it drives me crazy when people make suggestions about my daughter's care, but...I'm curious what the endocrinologists say about Haley's growth? She seems to put on weight well, but not gain as much length (or ear canal size! ;) ). My Becca has trouble growing (and also had some other endocrine issues), so we've been followed by endocrinology since the beginning. Now that she's 2, we've started growth hormone shots (which aren't cleared for kids under 2). Anyhow, food for thought...and I hope you don't mind my asking!


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