Saturday, June 27, 2009

Glad to get out again

Tonight I got out of the house for a little break. It has been a week since I last got out of the house. Thomas drove me to get some ice cream and to see the sights near our home. Since I have been in the house all week, I have not been outside to feel the 100 degree heat. It sure was hot when I stepped into the garage this evening to get in the car. I'm glad I've been indoors out of that crazy heat, but I was also very glad to get out of the house. It's getting harder and harder to be stuck in the house all the time, but I know it's important to stay off my feet. No matter how hard it is to be on bed rest, I will continue to do whatever it takes to keep this pregnancy going as long as possible.

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  1. Amanda,
    I don't think I've told you congratulations yet! I am soooo excited for you. You will do just wonderfully. I am so amazed at your positive attitude so far. You seem to be doing better than most would!
    Kimberly Oldham


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