Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bed Rest Survival Basket

I was given a basket full of goodies to help me survive bed rest. What a surprise! I love it! The basket was filled with magazines, Hershey Kisses, card games, crossword puzzles, cookies and Everybody loves Raymond DVD's. Lunch and dinner were also given to me today. I really appreciate all the wonderful people in my church who bring me meals and goodies to help me while on bed rest. It has helped me get through each day.


  1. Wow! Where can I get a basket like that?? :)

  2. You got some great stuff!!! It will help with the time. 8-)

  3. What a wonderful support network you have!

  4. What sweet friends you have! :) I'm salivating over the Oreo cookies! Yumm!

  5. Francine Rivers
    Mark of the Lion Trilogy

    Great bed rest reading material if you like to read. I read the entire series when I was on bed rest for four months with my "trips". Greatest books ever!


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