Sunday, September 13, 2009

Urine trouble

The NICU roller coaster ride continues. It's been an especially wild ride the past week. Parents who have been through it know how it is and how stressful it can be. It has been tough as we love our precious little girls so very much. Ashlyn has been our sickest little child the past week. She has been so bloated due to all the medications and all the fluids she was getting. Also her urine output has not been great. We visited our little girls earlier today and Ashlyn was still not having a good urine output, but later tonight when I called to check on her, her RN told us she had urinated 114cc. Thomas and I couldn't believe it, especially after the MD's told us today that she seems to be going into Renal failure because she hadn't been urinating well. I have never been so excited about pee before! We both started to cry in excitement. We hope she will continue to urinate well and will make it through this illness. Our little Rachel seems to be coming down with something, they are doing cultures to see if she has developed a yeast infection just like Ashlyn and Haley have been through. They stopped her feeds, but the TPN continues. Her ventilator settings have gone up and her need for oxygen has risen as well. Her blood pressure is a little low today, so something is going on. Hopefully the MD's will figure it out soon. Haley seems to be doing awesome the past few days. Haley is down to 30% on her O2 requirements. 21% is room air. We are hopeful she will be able to get off the ventilator soon and be put on a c-pap. These precious little girls are so strong despite what they have been through. We continue to be grateful for their lives and the opportunity to be their parents. We are so grateful to have our little babies as being a parent is so wonderful. We only want what is best for them and do our best everyday to be there for them.


  1. Amanda and Thomas, hang in there! You are great parents and this is just one more "bump" that will go away soon. The physicians and nurses are excellent professionals and He is guiding them. The girls are in great hands. He is watching over all of you. Stay strong. I continue to keep all of you in my prayers. Love, Claudia

  2. Keep on hanging in there. Being in the hospital all the time starts to make you a little crazy :). But you will have lots of stories afterward. And reading your post about the oxygen reminds me of the time my husband could not figure out why they were putting my daughter on a drug called "Rheumaire"...took him quite a while to figure out it was "Room Air" as in the normal stuff we all breathe.

    Just keep taking it one breath, one moment, and one day at a time. Things will work out in the way they should, and you will be blessed. Good luck and many blessing in this trial!

  3. Such sweet sweet girls. i am praying for you guys and you precious little ones. What a rollercoaster the whole NICU thing has been and will continue to be. You are doing awesome though! Hang in there!

  4. Happy Haley is doing well. Extra prayers for Rach & Ashlyn. Hang in there, this too shall pass.
    To Pee! (chink) ;)

    Much Love,

    The Halls (W,E,W & B) KW1

  5. Okay. New rules for life. When little Ashlyn gets through this, she does not need to have any more trials in her life. She has had her share. Seriously, I'm hoping and hoping these three little girls make it to be sisters all of their days.

  6. Just know that we will continue to pray your little girls. :)

  7. i love the toast! To Pee! clique! Button your seat belts and hang on loved ones. when the ride is over and all is well, you'll look back and sigh then say wow what a ride! We made it!
    love, Erma

  8. All I can say is wow. There is alot going on with you. I would have been scared other wise but I just know that everything will be okay. I can't wait till you get to hold them, then feed them with a bottle, then put them in their carseats, then take them home.( I kinda just thought about my preemie cousin's process.) I wish you well,
    Lindsey Johnson


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