Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good Sabbath Day

Today was the Sabbath Day and like usual we went to church, except this time in a different city. We attended the Jefferson Ward in the New Orleans Stake. It is a very interesting building that my in-laws attend, it used to be a RLDS building. They are using that because the Stake Center is being renovated. It seemed like a very nice Ward. Thomas and I decided to take a tour of the city this afternoon. We went through the French Quarters and along Bourbon street. There was a festival and a parade going on so it was crowded. All I can say is that Bourbon street and the French Quarters is a very different place than what I am accustomed to. We also drove around downtown New Orleans and enjoyed seeing the history of the city, it was kind of a neat thing to see. This evening we attended a Young Single Adult Fireside. My Father In-law spoke. He did a great job. It has been nice visiting my in-laws and seeing the sights of New Orleans.

Update on the girls...
We had a bit of a scare this evening, Thomas called to check on the girls, and they told him Ashlyn was having an extremely difficult time keeping her O2 Saturation's up. She was dipping into the forties. The MD had to start bagging her, that still didn't work either, finally after probably a couple of minutes she started coming back up. The tube had gotten moved and was therefore not in the right spot. They corrected that issue and she is doing much better. Haley, and Rachel had a great day, and so did Ashlyn other than that brief episode she went through this evening. They increased the amount of breast milk Rachel is getting through her feeding tube. She is tolerating it so far. They also started feedings on Haley after a long time off of them. All in all my beautiful little girls are doing great. We are so thrilled to go home tomorrow and see them. We have missed them. We are so thankful that they are doing well and are continuing to make baby steps forward. We are also so grateful for all the prayers being said for their health and comfort. This sabbath day I reflected on our loving heavenly father and the miracles he has done for us. I am grateful for him and know that all the prayers being said are being heard and answered. He knows and loves us all. This I know for sure.


  1. That is so scary, but I am glad everything was figured out and fixed. Your little girls are so strong--I bet you are itching to get back to Houston to see them. It was very sweet of you to go out a visit your in-laws, I am sure they appreciated that.

    Also, I love the signs the NI nurses made for the girls--they are adorable. :)

  2. Praise to the Sabbath Day - Don't you just love it! sorry there was a rock in the road for little Ashlyn. Enjoy your visit! love, Erma

  3. Thank you for keeping everyone updated. I'm glad you enjoyed your holliday. It is always nice (and healthy) to get away from the routine in order to "recharge the batteries." Bumps in the road will happen once in a while; however, we have competent phisicians, great technology, and our Heavenly Father watching over all of us. Ashlyn, Rachel, and Haley are very strong. Continue to take one day at a time and have a safe trip home! Your 3 little miracles are waiting for you! May God continue to bless your family.
    With love (and prayers),

  4. What a scary thing to happen with Ashlyn. I am glad to hear that it is all better and corrected now. Its good to hear you are having a good time in New Orleans and having fun visiting your in laws. Although I bet it was really hard to leave the girls you probably needed a break from the stress of everything happening. I bet the girls will be happy to see you two tomorrow. Praying for their health and safe travels back.

  5. i'm glad you guys took a mini vacation but i'm sure you are just rushing to get to the NICU to see your precious girls...many blessings from ny!!!!


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