Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Orleans

Today we did some sight seeing around New Orleans. We drove to the French Quater and down Bourbon street. It was raining and we couldn't find a parking spot so we didn't get out of the car and walk around. The French Quater was definitely different, but interesting. This is my first time in New Orleans. We also drove and saw some plantation homes outside of New Orleans. They were neat to see. One of the homes had a long path leading to the house that was lined with beautiful trees. I had never seen anything like it. Near the plantation homes, we walked up the levee and saw the Mississippi river. We also did some shopping. We bought the girls some cute outfits. I look forward to dressing the girls up in these clothes and all the other clothes we have for them. We have been keeping in touch with the girls nurses today. They continue to do well. Of course we miss them and while it has been difficult to leave Rachel, Haley and Ashlyn behind in Houston, it has been nice to see my in-laws who are dedicating a year and a half to serve the Lord here in the New Orleans area. They haven't had the chance to see our children yet, because of their mission so we showed pictures and video footage of the girls, they really enjoyed that very much. So we have had a great time here in New Orleans and are glad to have had this opportunity to visit.


  1. Glad to hear the girls are doing well and that you are enjoying your time in New Orleans. Can't wait to see pictures of your trip.

  2. I am so glad you two could get away! It sounds like you had a fun time in LA. I love seeing the plantation homes. They are interesting and beautiful. :)


    Emily Hall (KW1)

  3. Sounds like a healthy, much needed break from what has all been going on. You have been through, and will continue to go through, more than most people will in their lifetime. And, you picked a time that they are stable, so that was an added bonus!! :-)

  4. Love to Thomas' folks! it is a wonderful thing they are doing! Have such a wonderful - and deserved- rest. love, Erma


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