Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Response to comments

Just wanted to give a response to the comments that we have gotten. First of all I want to thank everyone for the uplifting and encouraging comments. We appreciate all of them so much! We always enjoy reading them. It's so comforting to know so many people love us and pray for us. We know all prayers are being heard as we have gained strength through all of this. Even though we have not met most of you, we feel we know you by the love you share for us. Second I wanted to let everyone know that I have updated some of the past posts. I updated the August 5 post with the weights and lengths of all the babies. Also explained what happened the day I delivered the babies. Look through some of our other older posts in August and you will see pictures that I have added. We have not added pictures of the babies just yet due to the media. We appreciate every one's patience. In time we will post pictures of them. We want everyone to know we love you and are so grateful for every one's sincere thoughts and prayers. Keep those comments coming!

Love, Amanda and Thomas


  1. Amanda and Thomas, thank you for continuing to share this special moment with everyone! Yes, there is a lot of love and prayers going your way; however, most people don't post comments. I am reporting your story for Portuguese speakers (who don't understand your blog in English) and all of them are also praying a lot for you and the babies. They email and call me to know how you and the babies are doing, and I am pleased to let them know. I think you would like to know that people all over the world are cheering, loving, and praying for your family. They are impressed with your testimony and faith. Hang in there, one day at a time, and all of us will continue to pray, love, and be with you in spirit. With love, from all over the world!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to post what happened the night the babies arrived. I too had wondered how things deteriorated so quickly.

    You and Thomas, the girls + your angels are in the thoughts and prayers of our little family here in Australia.

  3. Thomas and Amanda,
    I commend you for not publishing your babies pictures for us to see. Please keep your babies away from the MEDIA. The media is only a source of trouble. You must PROTECT your precious babies. Even though the media bring recognition,fame and lots of free things, it is not work sacrificing your babies privacy. Look at the turmoil the media has caused certain families who became weak to them. Your faith will guide you and you will continue to do the right thing for your babies when the media is concerned. Lots of luck to you.

  4. Those pictures were good to see. That tiny casket broke my heart, and brought back lots of memories. I loved the pictures of the diaper, the binki, the teddy bears. I'm glad they let you have those things to help you feel close to your little ones even though you can't hold them right now. You will soon!! Amanda, you look amazing!! You don't even look like you had even one baby, let alone 6!! You look great!! I also think it is a good thing to keep the pictures of your babies to yourselves. You guys are doing a great job. I pray that your little ones continue to grow and get stronger with each day. Love and prayers.
    ~Michelle from Eagle Mountain

  5. I just realized that Ashlyn's middle name is Louise, Annabel's middle name (our's who had grade IV/grade III bleeds) is Louisa after my Grandma! Tells me that Ashlyn will be just fine! : )

    Thank you for sharing the babies' birth info, I had wondered what their stats were. Mine were all under 2 lbs, I can't imagine under 1 lb. Thoughts and prayers are with you and for those three precious miracles that are fighting for their lives.


    love, Erma

  7. You made me happy to know I will see pictures of the babies. I am a baby FANATIC!!! I love you guys so much. I shared your story with one of my beehive leaders cause at mutual we were talking about how wonderful a temple marriage is that we can live with our family forever.

  8. I cannot wait until you guys feel comfortable enough to post pictures of your beautiful babies. You both and the babies are all in my prayers.

  9. We are amongst the group of people who you don't know. But I want to thank you for sharing your precious story with us! I started following this a few weeks ago and really appreciate the time you take to tell the day to day story. We feel your pain at the loss of your little ones, but rejoice with you in the progress of your three little girls! We also rejoice with you in knowing that you will be able to have them again one day! What would we do without that knowledge and comfort! Some days seem to go on forever, and progress seems non existent, but know that everyday is one more day for them to gain strength. Thank you again! Keep the faith!


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