Thursday, January 25, 2018

Brandon at 23 months old

Brandon turned 23 months on November 14th.  In November he made good progress physically.  His physical therapist worked more with him using the walker.  He started taking some steps on his own while in the walker.  Also during November he started talking a lot more.  He added more words to his vocabulary.  He was only still saying single words in November.
Brandon has been a social boy even at a young age, but around October/November he increased his social skills.  While we would be out at stores shopping, he would say Hi and bye to almost everyone he saw.  He will say hi to anyone.  Even if he has never seen the person before.  He makes people smile.   He is just so cute.

For his 23 month photos, I snapped a few of him after we finished our family pictures.  So here he is at 23 months.

Back in May 2017 I finally finished decorating Brandon's sports theme room.  I took pictures of his room in November 2017, so I will add those pics here.  I really enjoyed decorating his room.  A change since we have 3 girls.  His room was Kayla's room but when he was born we moved Kayla to the bigger guest room.  His room is the smallest of all the bedrooms so it is packed!  We have a full size bed in his room for him to transition to when he out grows the crib.  The bed takes up so much room, but I was able to pack in a lot of stuff in his room despite the size and extra bed.  We use the bed to change him.  So it works!

So I got a comment regarding a question of why I decorated his room in sports theme when Brandon won't be able to play sports.  Here is my answer:  You DON'T have to participate in sports to like sports.  I have always wanted to decorate a boys room in sports theme because my husband loves sports.  We finally had Brandon and so my dream came true.  He may not be able to play sports but we don't know that yet.  There are sports like golf that he probably can play later in life.   A lot of people like sports but don't play sports.  Nothing wrong with decorating a kids room in sports theme.  Its a boy room so I decorated it in a boy theme.  I will let Brandon decorate his room however he likes when he is older and has an opinion about it. 

I made the birth stats plague for Brandon.  Love how it turned out.


  1. He is so handsome in his pictures. His room is just lovely. So beautifully done , lucky boy

  2. When my son was an infant, I decorated his room like a pirate ship. He is a teenager now. He has not become a pirate, although he misses his pirate mural, and has never forgiving me for painting over it. No one, and I mean no one ever asked me why I decorated his room like a pirate ship when this was not our career aspiration for him.

    It's a cute room, good job. Good job decorating anything with four kiddos at home actually.

  3. It is a really cute room!! I worked with special needs middle schoolers at a school in the Fort Worth area, and one of our boys had spina bifida. He never learned to say anything other than cat, which was his dog's name. He was never supposed to learn to walk, but he ran every day in P.E.! He absolutely played tennis, and kickball, and other things with us every day. In Fort Worth, there is a special needs baseball team. Even one of our boys in a wheel chair played!! God can do anything He wants, so who knows! The sky is the limit. I just learned about ya'lls family today while doing my homework, so I decided to look and see how things faired after the sextuplet pregnancy. God is so faithful and good to us. I will tell you that as a sped teacher, I was so scared to work with kids that had special needs...but it was one of the sweetest times and I will never forget those babies!!! They are so wonderful. God bless ya'lls family!!!

  4. Beautiful room for a beautiful boy. Amanda, you are a very talented and loving mom to make this special sanctuary for your cute little boy. The stats plaque is amazing!

  5. I think that it is great that you have done a sports theme. My cousin's boy is wheelchair bound and plays on a city basketball team and is quite good at it. There are plenty of sports out there for all abilities. I just love your cute family. Thanks for being willing to share them with us.


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