Friday, August 16, 2013

Kayla is 20 Months

Kayla turned 20 months on August 9th!  She is growing up so fast!  She is such a blessing to our family!

On August 9th, Kayla weighed 22 lb, 9 oz.  She gained over a pound the past month.  She loves to eat and especially loves to snack.  She loves fruit - her favorite is mandarin oranges.  Kayla is progressing with using a spoon and fork.  She gets so excited when she gets to use her spoon or fork.  She fed herself yogurt with a spoon all by herself on August 7th.

Kayla's language and communication continues to progress.  She is expanding her vocabulary as well as her sign language.  She picks up sign language well.  She sees the speech therapists working with Rachel and Haley and learns it as they are teaching it.  I'm also learning sign language and therefore practice by using it with Kayla as well as Rachel and Haley.

Kayla is a spunky girl!  She has a very outgoing personality and loves to have fun!  She makes everyone laugh.  Kayla is a wonderful sister to her big sisters.  Kayla knows her sisters and stays near them.  She loves them and she enjoys interacting with them.  Kayla is a sweet little girl.

Slowly but surely we are moving in the direction of potty training.  She recognizes after she has gone in her diaper so that is a start.  I read a book to her about the potty and sometimes she wants to sit on it.  She has yet to "go" on the potty, but it will happen one day.

Kayla is starting to enjoy cartoons.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse catches her attention the most, though she won't sit and watch the whole cartoon.  She is a mover and a shaker.  She is always on the go, go, go!

Getting Kayla to bed has gotten more challenging.  She knows her bedtime routine, but is getting more resistant to go along with it.  She says "NO" a lot these days.  She likes to stay up past her bedtime to be with mommy and daddy to play.  She is learning how to stall going to bed and how to be a drama queen about it.  Sometimes I feel I have a 2 year old already!!   Despite the typical toddler behavior she exhibits, we love her so very much and know she was sent to our family for so many reasons.  She is just perfect for us and her big sisters!


  1. What a special little princess! She is adorable!

  2. Kayla definitively is adorable! Such a sweet princess with smiley eyes and priceless smile!


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