Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! What a great year 2010 will be. We hope and pray that our girls have a much better year in 2010 than 2009. They both seem to have started the year off really well. This New Years day we were able to spend good quality time with the two most important girls in our lives, little Rachel and Haley.

Rachel is still cruising along on her nasal cannula. She is now on day 4 of her nasal cannula and she seems to be tolerating it very well. She seems to like the nasal cannula so much better than the cpap. Rachel definitely is a girl who will never give up on anything. She will fight to the bitter end. We love to be around her and just feel her special spirit.

Rachel sleeping

Our little Haley also had a great day for her first new years. Thomas was able to hold her for a good amount of time today while I was working. He loved spending a little daddy daughter time with Haley. Haley has a new physician/attending this month. It's Dr Jen Arnold from TLC the little couple. She is such a neat lady. She is very nice and we are grateful for the care she is giving Haley. Tonight Haley drank from the bottle. It was the first time Thomas had seen her eat from a bottle. It was neat to see how excited Thomas got watching Haley take her bottle. He has waited a long time to see that. We are also excited that Haley has finally made it to 7 pounds!!! She is growing. Haley is such a special little girl. She has a way of melting our hearts when we are around her. She has been through so much, and yet never gives up. We are so grateful to the Lord for sparing her life ad allowing her to remain with us on this earth. We are so eternally grateful that Both our little miracles are permitted to remain with us here on earth. We love and cherish both Rachel and Haley more than words can describe.

Haley taking the bottle. This is the first picture we were able to get of her taking the bottle.


  1. Happy New Year! May this year be filled with wonderful homecomings, good family memories, and health and happinenss for all you love. Your babies are beautiful and I am so happy that they are doing so well!

  2. That is wonderful!!! HAPPY 2010!!!

  3. You have been through so much and many losses trying to become a family. Now it looks like your dreams have come true and your family will be complete. What a relief to know that you finally have your children and you can now nurture and love them and not have to go through the difficult process of infertility treatments and pregnancy again. Now that you have your daughters, this is the time to relax and enjoy them. All your efforts have paid off and you are truly blessed. I am sure you do not want to go through this draining process again. Be grateful and fortunate with the girls you have...the best times are yet to come!!!

  4. How neat that Dr. Jen is her doctor! I bet Jen is just as nice in person as she is on tv. I also live in Houston and always hope that I will run into her one day! What a blessing to have her as your doctor!!! I am so glad to hear that both girls are doing so well. Let's hope they go home soon!

  5. I so remember those NICU feedings. I can't wait till they come home. I hope you let me come over and take a turn to feed them.

  6. I'm so happy to hear that Rachel is still doing well on the nasal cannula and that haley is taking her bottle well. How neat to have dr. Arnold. I was wondering if you guys were gonna be on the show?

  7. I'm happy thngs are going so well for the girls. Praying they stay healthy and strong and can be brought home soon.

  8. Happy New Year!! i was out of town and missed you yesterday--i really REALLY missed you...

    2009 had lots of roller coaster rides for you all, but what a wonderful happy event that your two little girls are doing well now..

    2010 will have lots of great times, what a start! Rachel and cannula and Haley with her bottle.. i just smiled! they are so sweet, so perfect. Thank you for letting all of us love them and watch them grow. what a pair of beauties!

    love you lots!
    Erma Carlisle

  9. so happy to read Mormon Times and see a familiar face on the front page and one of the sweeties inside! you are such a bonus in my life - thanks for letting us watch your/our babies grow!!


  10. I love the pictures! Rachel and the cannula; and Haley and the bottle. What else could I ask for? thank you for the wonderful news, and keep up with the good work. I'm sure 2010 will continue to be as good as the first day. God job Rachel and Haley! Amanda and Thomas, you are doing such an amazing job as parents. After all the tribulations in 2009, I think 2010 is coming with lots of joy and happiness. You deserve! My heart, love and prayers continue to go our way.



  11. Congratulations on all of the good news! Your girls are such troopers!

  12. What little beauties! So glad they are moving along and may be coming home soon. Your journey has been difficult. Infertility sucks, those of us that have been there understand more than anyone the awesome blessing when we see our children growing and thriving!


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