Sunday, January 3, 2010

Closer to coming home

The girls both had a great New Years weekend. They both seem to have started off the new year with a bang. We are grateful for the progress our little girls have made thus far. We are excited to have our girls out of the hospital and home to the comfort of their own home this year.

Rachel is still fighting strong on her nasal cannula. Rachel's respiratory rate at times is a little high for the doctors comfort, but she is doing better. Today she was able to be weened down from a liter of oxygen to 3/4 of a liter of oxygen. We will take any progress she makes on the cannula. Rachel is so alert and attentive, looking around with her big eyes wide open. She loves her little pacifier so much. She will sit and chomp on the pacifier for hours. I think it is her security blanket. Rachel is progressing and is doing great compared to say a few weeks ago. She really likes the nasal cannula so much better than the cpap. We are so grateful for all the progress she is making.

First family photo with Rachel in the new year

Rachel sucking on that pacifier

Haley had a few changes today. Haley was able to finally have her PICC line removed today since she is off the TPN and getting full feeds. It was so great to see that PICC line out. It has been in her for months. We are grateful to have that out simple for the fact that she is always at greater risk for infection with it in. She has had several infections because of it. Haley also is doing such a great job on her bottle feedings. She is still a little slow at it, but she seems to be getting the hang of it better and better each day. The nurses keep talking like Haley will be going home soon. It's awkward to be hearing this, but Thomas and I are extremely excited to be hearing those words - "going home soon". We at times thought this day would never come. It really feels like very soon little Haley will be home for good. I can't wait to be able to have her home. We hope and pray little Rachel isn't to far off. We are so thankful for the progression Haley has made despite all the surgeries and infections that she has had to endure. She is such a strong little baby.

First family photo with Haley in the new year

Haley taking the bottle


  1. such beautiful photos and so happy to hear that Haley is able to come home soon!!! Hoping and praying that all goes well!!! As for the first family photos, I think they are both the same :) They look EXACTLY the same :)

  2. great!!!! But as Michelle I think the family pictures are too much the same... not one detail different!! Do they really look very much the same?
    I pray you will have the girls home soon!

  3. WONDERFUL news! I can't wait until you no longer have to get up everyday and go to the hospital! I remember that day like it was yesterday...and will never forget it!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  4. What a great way to kick off the new year!! I can't wait until both girls are home with yall, but it's so amazing to know that Haley will be coming home so soon! I hope each of them continue to progress in the areas that they need to in order to come home. They just get cuter and cuter every day!!! Yall are very lucky to have such sweet beautiful girls.

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  5. It is so good to see their progress. Just like you, I cannot wait to see the girls go home with you!

  6. I think both "first new year family photo" are Haley's. Is that right? Well, I can tell Rachel is the one with the pacifier, and Haley is the one taking the bottle. Both are so precious! I'm glad Rachel is hanging strong on the cannula. What a fighter! Haley looks so cute taking that bottle! How wonderful it is to hear "going home soon!" That will be a magical moment that you will never forget, and Rachel will not be far behind. All be ready, the princesses will soon arrive!

    Congratulations! All my love, Claudia

  7. Yeah, methinks you put the same picture up for the New Year's photos. I think they are both Haley? Anyway, gorgeous shots and I am SO GLAD that your babies are coming home soon!

  8. I don't even know you but I got a little tear in my eye when I saw the pictures of you feeding the bottle. Isn't it amazing how small milestones mean so much? Things that other mothers take for granted are the ones you will never forget!! I can't wait for the day that I read your blog post when you get to bring them home!! Blessing & prayers to you all!!

  9. Rejoicing with you on the progress of your beautiful little girls, and on the not too distant future of midnight feedings and smiles and bath time at home with your beautiful princesses. LOVE the family pic!!! Praying for a fantastic year for you and your girls

  10. so happy for the great report! the babies will be home sooon and life will setle into a beautiful routine - no more running to the hospital to see the! i am so happy for you.

    praying they continue to progress and for all of you!

    Erma Carlisle

  11. What beautiful family pics!!
    I have a feeling 2010 is going to be a great year for you 4!!!

  12. We are thrilled for you and your little ones. There was a neat article and picture in Mormon Times that I am going to send to Thomas's folks. Hope 2010 is all that you deserve it to be. Love from Salt Lake.

  13. Happy 5 months, Rachel and Haley! Sounds like you've had quite a birthday celebration already, with the nasal cannula and the bottle! :) You are doing awesome!

  14. My goodness, great news. I smiled as I read this post! Love the pics of you and the girls together as a family. I pray for you that both babies are home soon and 2010 is much better for you all around!

    I know you dont know me but I do keep up on you and your girls and send prayers your way daily.

    Lots of hugs.
    Michele Wallace

  15. What a beautiful family! I hope everything continues to go well and they can both come home soon!

  16. Such great progress!!! I remember ours had their carseat tests done after 48 hours on full feeds with no OG/NG or breathing apparatus. And then, it was home. You are on your way!!!

  17. What a great way to start off the New Year!!! The pictures are so precious and I am so glad that Haley is continuing to get better with her bottles and that Miss Rachel is handling the nasal cannula better this time!!! 2010 looks to be great new year for your family :)

    We will continue to pray for good things to come your way!!!

  18. AWWWWWWWWWW Rachel's smiling at her daddy! :)


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