Monday, January 4, 2010

5 Months Old!

Today the girls turned 5 months old. They have progressed and come so far the last 5 months. We are so happy with their progress and their beautiful lives.

Haley moved to NICU level 2 today! She is now in the feeder and grower stage. She has no IV's and is not getting any medications. She continues to take the bottle 2 times a day. She will be worked up to 3 times a day and so forth. Haley has a great suck. She has been practicing that suck for a while with her pacifier, which she still loves. Haley is good at letting us know what she wants. She gets so upset when she has a dirty diaper and she smacks her lips when she wants her pacifier or the bottle. She is such a sweetie. She is beginning to smile and is getting more alert and active everyday.

Haley's 5 month old picture

Rachel is doing well. She is still on the nasal cannula. It has been a week since she was put on it and she continues on. Rachel also is good at letting us know what she wants. She screams for her pacifier when its not in her mouth. She also gets upset when she has a dirty diaper. Rachel has given us a little smile here and there as well. Rachel is so strong. She is able to lift her head and move it around. She loves to grip my finger when I'm holding her.

Rachel's 5 month old picture

Both our girls are so precious and adorable. We love them so very much and look forward to being a family at home. It's getting harder to leave the hospital without them. The day they come home is getting closer and closer and knowing that makes it harder to be patient. It will be a wonderful feeling to be together at home. Until then, we pray for their comfort and continual progress in the hospital. We are working on getting the nursery ready. We hope to get to work on it each weekend and that it will be done by the time Haley gets home. We still don't have an exact date on when Haley will come home, but we are hoping soon.

Correction: the pictures in yesterday's blog were the same. The wrong picture was put in accidentally. It has been fixed.


  1. thank you for sharing ...
    it is easier to read on green backgrown!!

  2. It is so good to see their progress. Happy 5 month birthday, girls!

  3. Way to go Haley and Rachel. You are getting so big, love those little rolls. I also agree easier to read on the green background. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful family with us. Sherri

  4. Aww, so cute!!! Way to go Haley, level 2!! That's fantastic news :) I'm always so happy to hear that they've had good days and forward progress. My grandma read about yall in the paper a while back and has asked me about the girls every time she's seen me since. It's always fun to give her good updates :)

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  5. They are both getting so chubby! I love chubby babies. Nice to hear how they are progressing.

  6. The 5 month pictures are so adorable! They are looking so much like each other; they almost look like identical twins. I’m very happy to read all these wonderful news! Rachel is on the cannula for a whole week, Haley is taking the bottle twice a day, moved to level 2 NICU, and both girls are good at letting everybody know what they want. Way to go girls!

    Rachel and Haley are a living proof of His love. I am very grateful for the opportunity to witness this miracle. Thanks for sharing! All my love, Claudia

    PS – I love the new background!

  7. Such wonderful news!!! Happy 5 month birthday, girls!!!

  8. I am so happy to read the girls are doing so well! I have been following your blog since I read about their birth in the news.

  9. Whoa 5 mos already...what cute lil sweeties. Keep up the good work girls!!

  10. Oh Happy Day! so glad they are doing so well.

    patience is really hard when you want something so badly! it'll come, both patience and the babies coming home!

    keep growing beautiful girls! We (your fan club) sure do love you!

  11. Happy 5 month birthday girls!! They are so sweet and are getting so big!!

    Great Job Haley on being moved to level 2 NICU and getting to be a grower/feeder!! ( I remember being so excited when our girls reached that point!!)

    Good Job Rachel on staying feisty and that the nasal cannula seems to be doing the trick!!!

    Keep going strong ladies!!

    PS: Cute new background!!!

  12. So happy for you that the girls are gaining health and strength. It's good to see the "h" word (home) in your posts!

    Thanks also for changing the background colour on your blog. Looks like I wasn't the only one struggling to read the news.

  13. They will both be home before you can finish the nursery, I know!

    Frank and I have never stopped praying for your family. May you find sleep and joy when they get home... You'll need it!

    Virginia and Frank

  14. HI I've never commented before but have followed your blog from the beginning. I suppose it's about time I say Hello :) You all have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly. I hope you have those two beautiful daughters home with you soon.


  15. Hi Amanda,
    Thank you so much for posting updates about your wonderful family. I don't know where you get your strength from because my faith is dwindling down. I wanted to let you know how great it will be when you bring your girls home. My daughter was in the NICU for 40 days and when she came home, it was so surreal. We waited so long and it was a very momentous occasion. I wanted to recomment a product to you called Angel Care. I bought it because I was so concern about Samie's breathing. The Angel Care has a small monitor with a pad that you place in the crib. They say that babies move every 20 seconds or so. The monitor would either blink a green light or tick if you chose to put it on sound. It there is no movement, the alarm goes off.
    It was a great item to have b/c it brought me some relief. Otherwise I would have to check on her every second to see if she was breathing. Just something I thought you would be interested in from a mom who had a preemie born @ 28 weeks. God bless you and continue with your faith in Jesus Christ.

    In Christ,
    Nicole from Rosemead, CA

  16. Happy 5 months Rachel and Haley! I'm so happy to hear that the girls are doing well and are getting closer and closer to coming home! I remember how hard it was as we were getting closer to one of the kids coming home, you just get to the point where you were done with the NICU. And then it's hard when one is home and the other isn't yet, but you will figure it all out.

    Continued prayers for your family.


  17. Adorable girls you guys have there!! It's so wonderful to keep reading the great steps they are making!! In looking at the new pics, I think Haley looks like Daddy.....and Rachel looks like Mommy!! For a long time I was thinking they looked identical, but I realize they look so different now!! Congrats you guys.....what a good news story this is!!!

  18. i love to think that no new news is good news!
    just checkin' in! love those adorable girls!


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