Friday, January 8, 2010

Always making progress

The girls had a good day. We got the test results back on Rachel's test (ph probe) today. It does show she has reflux which we already knew, but her reflux is not that terrible. The GI doctor doesn't think she needs a fundo, but he does think she needs a g-tube. A g-tube will make it easier for her in the long run for feeds and when she does learn to take a bottle. Not sure when the g-tube will be placed yet. Rachel's feeding rate was increased today to help with her weight gain. Not much else going on with her besides the fact she is a pacifier addict. She is looking as cute as ever.

Rachel wearing her Longhorn outfit

Haley is doing well. Today I learned how to place a nasogastric tube. With the help from the nurse I placed one in Haley. She wasn't happy about it, but once it was placed she was fine. Haley's feeds were advanced today as well. She is getting her feeds at a faster rate over 1 1/2 hours instead of 2 hours. Later she will get her feeds over 1 hour. Haley has been getting better at taking the bottle. She took 26cc this afternoon. She is slowly but surely getting the hang of it. Things are progressing to her coming home. Thomas and I are going to take a CPR class and have a car seat fitting at some time within the next couple of weeks. Haley is looking cute as well. She is finally starting to grow some hair on her head. It's still hard to see it in pictures, but I can finally see some hair on that little bald head of hers.

Haley wearing her Longhorn outfit


  1. "Pacificer Addict" about the cutest stinkin' thing EVER! Ahh! Aww. :)

    So glad to hear things are still going strong! Yay!

  2. I'm very happy with their steady progress. You're right, they are looking as cute as ever! I can see the hair on Haley's head and Rachel's beautiful eyes. Soon everybody will be at home living a great fgamily life! Congratulations! Love, Claudia

  3. Keep up the good work, girls!

    I can't wait to see you take them home one day SOON.

  4. we used to call them Binkie Babies!! they usually throw their pacifier away when some thing more exciting comes along, although eldest daughter had to trim Zack's (when he wasn't watching!) till he couldn't hold it with his teeth, then he put it in the garbage. he thought he had chewed it off!

    memories - oh my dears, you are making them right now - I love those babies - so happy they are getting along well!

    Have a wonderful day! all of you.. snuggle the girls for me...

    love, Erma
    Midvale, Utah

  5. They are just precious in their Longhorn out fits. And I do see hair !!!!
    Ok..Its fuzz..but thats hair for sure.
    Bless their hearts.
    Soon the liitle angels will be home.
    What a wonderful day that will be.

  6. You are much stronger than I ever was about putting in the n/g tube. My son was much older than your baby when we deceided that he need supplementary feedings. I could not hold him down and put that tube in his nose. We opted for a permanent g-tube as he will always require extra supplement. It works for us. There are something things you can do for your babies and there are other things that you just can not do and the n/g tube was one of them for me. My son did have a fundo, which did make the surgery more involved. So you are lucky that your daughter does not need one. Maybe with the n/g tube and g-tube you will be eligible for nursing services and a nurse can come to your home to help you out. That would be nice. We were never eligible for anything like that even though my son is totally phyiscally and mentally disabled.

  7. Great news guys!!! I'm so glad the girls are doing to well! I'm sure you're over the moon about the possibility of Haley coming home soon. I love the little peach fuzz she's sprouting, so cute! Little Rachel is just trucking right along too isn't she?! They're both going to be home before you know it.

    Praying for you always,

    Christina McKinney

  8. Keep up the good work! Our NICU doesnt send babies home with NG or OG tubes, but we learned how to do them while the twins were there. They hated them and were so glad when they bottle fed everything and those were removed. Crossing my fingers that you see that day soon!

  9. The picture with Rachel and her eyes open is so SWEET!! What cute little girl. They both looks so precious with their little pink onesie outfits on!!

    I remember Avery looking like Haley after feeding time. It was always an endurance contest for her with her bottle. I had to learn how to do the NG tube so she could come home and be with her sister. I always hated having to put a new one in because she disliked it so much. But once she was home and with those who could hold her and snuggle her she did great and within a month she was off the NG tube. Because of GI issues she had to go back on it at about 6 months for another month but it was okay and now she is healthy active 20 month old!!!

    Our prayers continue to be with the girls and the hope that they will be home soon!!

  10. So happy your girls are doing so well! As a word of caution, please consider the G-tube very carefully. In some cases it is necessary, but often times you can get away without doing it which is FAR better for your baby! There are many risks and issues that come with getting a G-tube. Our son was a preemie and the hospital wanted to do a G-tube because of reflux. We fought it and he ended coming home on Prevacid and "we will see what happens"...He did great being home and I am so glad we did not do the G-tube!

  11. Longhorns?! Longhorns?!! What about a blue and white Cougar!!!????
    I'm sure Nick Olson can find you something...
    Virginia and Frank


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