Thursday, January 14, 2010

Decisions and anticipation

Both of the girls have had pretty good days the past few days. They are starting to really be more alert and active. Yesterday Thomas and I had the opportunity to sit in a conference with several of Rachel's doctors. Dr. Robertson her Pulmonologist, Dr. Krishna her Gastroenterologist, Dr. Jarell and Dr. Finkowski two of her Neonatologists. They went around the room and discussed Rachel's condition in regards to their specialty. Basically they all agreed that it would be in Rachel's best interest to have Dr. Bloss (our favorite surgeon)to place a fundo and gtube. We really struggled with what to do for Rachel the past few weeks since they mentioned it. We fought it for the longest time, but we feel strongly that it is the best thing for Rachel in the long run. Dr. Krishna told us that 99.99% of the time babies don't have any problems or wouldn't even know the fundo was there unless you told them. Very rare do they have complications with it. Much prayer and consideration went into this decision. I am completely confident Rachel will do just fine after this is done. It will only help her get home faster.

Rachel has been doing really good the past few days. She is continuing to grow and thrive. She is now 8lbs 4oz. Rachel seems to love her Boppy pillow that we bought for her to use. It is always touches me to see her in the Boppy sitting up looking around. She is such an inquisitive little thing. She is such a beautiful little girl with a lot of attitude and spunk. We can't wait for the day that we will have her home with us. She will add so much joy and happiness to our home.

Haley has been cruising along the past little while. I am sure she is ready to get out of the hospital and home. Haley weighs 7lbs 14oz. She is such a sweet little girl. She has a way of just making you feel so much better when you are with her as does Rachel. She just seems like a content little princess, well unless she needs her diaper changed or if she wants something, then you better watch out. Thomas and I learned infant CPR this evening at Texas Children's hospital in anticipation of Haley's arrival home next Wednesday (supposedly). It was very interesting to learn it all, and to see that Thomas and I weren't the only nervous ones in the room.

We don't have any recent photos as we have been forgetting to take the camera to the hospital. We will make sure to get some new photos soon.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful positive comments on our blog. We really enjoy reading them.


  1. I have followed your journey for some time now... I have cried with you and laughed with you and you and your family are always in our prayers... It is so exciting to see that they are one step closer to coming home. I pray that Rachel does well with her surgery and that Hailey can come home soon... God works in such amazing ways!

  2. It put a smile to read this post, an actually day is mentioned that Haley is coming home. You dont know me, but I have followed your blog for sometime. You seem to amaze me every time with your strength. I have a tear (or two) of happiness this morning reading this. Your girls are beautiful, and many prayers are being sent your way.

    (((hugs to you)))
    Michele Wallace

  3. I'm glad that you have some peace with the decision about Rachel's surgeries. Can't wait to see pictures of Haley - at home!

  4. GO GIRLS!!! our Father hasn't brought them this far to see them fail! they may amaze you with their progress!
    Rachel will be just fine - she's the little spitfire and Haley will too - she's the calm one. How are their folks doing?? ;-)

    i love to read about these dear little girls and to hear of their progress.

    Bless you for letting us share this adventure with you!

    Erma Carlisle, Midvale Utah

  5. I am so excited for you guys that Miss Haley will be home so soon. I know it will not feel real until you are walking down the hall to go home. I also know how much it is going to hurt your heart to leave Miss Rachel...I will be honest that was one of the hardest things I ever had to do was to take Kaylee home and have to leave Avery.

    But it sounds like progress is being made and I am sure she will do AWESOME with the g-tube and the fundo. I will admit that having Avery on a g-tube and dealing with her feeding issues was a lot of work and required her to have multiple hospital trips. Maybe a g-tube would have been better. But we have to do what the Lord tells us is right.

    We look forward to more sweet pictures of the girls!!

  6. Amanda and Thomas, I'm confident you made the right decision. It will be better for Rachel to have the feedng issues resolved so she can go home too. I'm very excited that Haley will be home in a few days. Rachel will be right behind her after all these things are taken care of. It is important to address all the details that are preventing Rachel from being home with you. What a wonderful and special day it will be to have all 2 at home!

    I too, miss the pictures of the girls! Babies change so fast! Haley and Rachel are so pretty! I love to see those precious faces every day!

    Love, Claudia

  7. how exciting to have Haley so close to coming home. Feel at peace with your decision for Rachel it will help her come home faster.
    I don't know you either but have been following your story since before the babies were born and always look forward to the updates.

  8. You know I have said it all along that the g-tube is the best thing considering her medical circumstances. Don't you feel so much better since you have made the decision? I do not know how they do it in Texas, bur here in Massachusetts, the surgeon initially inserts a catheter type of g-tube. It was kind of a pain as it always had to be curled up and taped to his skin when not in use. It always seemed to be in the way if we did not tape it down. After three months and when everything was healed, the doctor inserted a "mickey button" into him. We hook the tube in when we need it and take it out when we don't. So much easier.

  9. I cant wait until you have your girls home with you! Sending you much love!!! And many prayers...

  10. I just found your blog and you all amaze me. You are in my prayers.

    I know when we were in the NICU and they wanted to something new I always worried but it was for the best. Rachel will do great I bet. CPR was unnerving. You all are not alone. I hope your girls come home real soon!

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  12. Continued prayers for Haley and Rachel to continue to get stronger and come home soon.

    They have 6 siblings cheering them on from above.

    Keep The Faith.


  13. Hello Amanda, Thomas, Haily and Rachel,

    Been reading your blog for quite a while now and just wanted to add the following.
    My cousin was born at 25.5 weeks gestation in the early eighties in a country with much lower medical care standards than the US.
    It was a bit of hard work at the beginning but now she is an amazing intelligent and caring young woman who completed her studies and is at the second year of her PhD!!!!!
    All the best to you and the girls I am sure everything will be fantastic from now on, the hard part is almost over!!!!
    Take care


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