Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good and unexpected news

This week started out busy again with doctor's appointments.  Monday they were seen by the pediatrician, Tuesday Haley was seen by her retinal specialist and on Wednesday the girls were both seen by the ENT.

Monday at the pediatrician, the girls got their last Snyagis shot to protect them from RSV.  Thank goodness they are done with getting those shots.  They have been getting them every month since November 2010.  We are grateful the girls got them and they have stayed free from RSV this season.  The girls were weighed.  Rachel was 20 pounds 4 oz and Haley was 16 pounds 12 oz.  Report from the pediatrician was good.

Tuesday, Haley was seen by her retinal specialist, Dr. Carvounis.  Haley got a very good report at this appointment.  The doctor looked into her right eye and was surprised to see some retina.  This is very good!  Haley has scar tissue in her right eye from past surgeries, so for the doctor to see some retina is awesome news.  This means that Haley does have some vision.  We still don't know how much though.  Like I said before, she sees lights and reaches out for objects we present in front of her.  We are so thankful Haley got this great report!

Today (Wednesday), the girls were seen by their ENT specialist, Dr. Albright to discuss their hearing test results from last week.  I was just expecting to discuss the hearing test results and the next step in the process to getting the hearing aids, but was surprised both girls need surgery.  Haley's adenoid's are enlarged and need to be removed.  Also it looks like Dr. Albright will be able to get ear tubes in Haley's eardrums.  I was glad to hear this as this may help her hearing.  Now we don't have to wait 3 months for Haley's next ABR because the audiologist will do the ABR after Dr. Albright does the surgery and while Haley is still sedated under general anesthesia.  Her being under general anesthesia for the ABR guarantees they will get all the results they need to proceed with the hearing aids.  Rachel also needs surgery.  Her tonsils are large and need to be removed.  Also the ear tube in her right ear came out and needs to be replaced.  She has fluid built back up in that right ear and needs that tube in to let it drain.  We were doing so well with staying out of the hospital, but Rachel and maybe Haley will have to be admitted for one night after the surgery.  Well its a good thing we are getting these issues taken care of all at the same time.  The surgery for both girls is scheduled for March 25.

Rachel and Haley not looking too happy about needing surgery




  1. Praising God for your good news. My son Sam just had his tonsils/adenoids out and tubes put in his ears in january. It went really well. We had to stay in the hospital for four days (he has a bleeding disorder) but he is SO SO much better now and recovered fabulously, praying that your girls will too

  2. Keeping your girls in prayer...

  3. I love seeing their precious little faces. I have a granddaughter who is 8 months old and I keep her while her parents work and I just love her so much. Each time I read your blog, I can just feel your love for your little princesses because there is nothing like hugging and kissing little miracles from God. God Bless you all.

  4. I'm sorry they need surgery! I hope it goes smoothly.


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