Sunday, March 13, 2011

Little Sitters

It has been another somewhat uneventful past week for us.  The girls did get some immunizations last week at their pediatricians office.  Rachel saw Dr. Coats (ophthalmologist) who changed her eye glass prescription.  She needs stronger eye glasses.  Her near sightedness has gotten worse and she does have issues with crossed eyes.  Her new glasses should hopefully help that, but we struggle with getting her to keep her glasses on.  Rachel is also doing so well with sitting independently.  It's nice to see both Rachel and Haley sitting up together.

Rachel and Haley
Rachel sitting so well
Rachel crawled under the exersaucer
Haley chewing on her toy

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  1. Hey I wore glasses from the age of about 15 still long-sighted (near sighted in US ?).. and did have an op at age 4 to correct a squint (turned in eye). Didn't need specs from the age of 17 (except occasionally for reading) then 'grew' in to them again in my 40's!!!!! don't worry.....I think i wore glasses that had 'wire' bits that wrapped around the ears......lighter looking than the ones your girls wear.


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