Saturday, March 26, 2011

Post Surgery Update

A day late on this post, but we have been busy with the girls after their surgery.  Both Rachel and Haley are doing well.  They both have had to stay in the hospital after the surgery on Friday (March 25).  We are still here in the hospital.  They are expected to come home Sunday (March 27).  There were a couple of complications that have kept them in the hospital.  Rachel's surgery went well.  She had her tonsils and adenoids removed without any problems.  After the surgery in the recovery room, Rachel had some difficulty breathing and was in pain.  The doctors decided that Rachel needed a higher level of care due to this and admitted her to the pediatric ICU.  Rachel started breathing better after she got pain medications and some rest.  She was moved out of the ICU this morning and is now a couple of rooms away from Haley.  Haley's surgery to remove her adenoids went well, but the ENT was not able to get ear tubes in her ears after all.  Her ear canals are still so tiny.  That's my Haley - tiny, but so cute.  The ENT did remove some fluid behind her eardrums and she had the ABR hearing test while still sedated.  We finally got the results needed from that to proceed with the hearing aids.  It looks like Haley had mild hearing loss in her right ear and severe to moderate in the left ear.  Somewhat of an improvement due to getting some fluid out.  Haley is still in the hospital due to her having a reaction to the anesthesia and pain medications.  She had some low blood pressures and low heart rates.  They did an EKG which was normal, but the doctors wanted to monitor her EKG for 24 hours.  She is wearing a holster till tomorrow morning.  I anticipate the 24 hour EKG to be normal.  Haley sure was acting her normal self today - wanting to jump around and play.
We are happy the girls are doing well despite the little complications that came up.  Thank you for all the prayers! 

Grandma Stansel with the girls before the surgery
Rachel in the ICU after the surgery
Haley after her surgery
Haley playing - she's back to her normal self
Haley and Rachel going for a ride around the hospital floor


  1. holding your girls in prayer as they recover

  2. So cute, I love that last pic. I'm glad they are doing well after surgery.

  3. glad all went well! Continued prayers! LOVE the wagon pic! Could the BE any cuter???

  4. What sweet girls! I hope they recover quickly and get to come home soon. Hospitals are no fun! Sounds like they are in good hands though.


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