Saturday, March 5, 2011

19 months old

I am a day late with this post.  Yesterday, March 4, the girls turned 19 months old.  They just continue to make progress.  Rachel is sort of sitting on her own.  She still topples over most of the time, but I have seen some real progress the past couple of weeks.  We are able to get her to sit for a short amount of time.  She is also doing great at creeping (sort of crawling).  Haley has learned how to go from laying to sitting.  She also can go from sitting to standing with some assistance. We are also happy Haley has finally hit 17 pounds.  Haley has a hard time gaining weight.  We feed her as much as we can get into her.  I even add calories to the food she does eat, but her rate of weight gain is slow.  For being so little, she sure is an active, feisty girl.

Haley and Rachel
Rachel falling over on Haley


  1. Happy 19 month birthday, girls!

  2. They are adorable and doing so well, thanks for sharing, I enjoy following their progress. God Bless.

  3. happy 19 month birthday beautiful baby girls !!
    ha ha ha i LOVE the second picture ! sooooooo cute :)

  4. I have followed your blog since before the babies were born and enjoying reading your posts. Thank you for continuing to keep us updated on the girls they are getting so big and they are so cute.


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