Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rachel got her Helmet OFF!!!

We went to Rachel and Haley's orthotics appointment today and were told that Rachel can get her helmet off!!!  Yea!!!  Her head measurements in regard to roundness and symmetry are now within normal limits.  Rachel wore that helmet for 5 long months.  It was totally worth all the hassle and the stinky smell.  Her head looks so much better. 

Before and after pictures of Rachel's head

Before the helmet (8/1/10)

After the helmet (1/6/11)

The helmet now sitting on the shelf

I'm so happy to get to put headbands and bows on Rachel's head again.  I hope she starts to grow more hair soon.


Haley had her head measured today and has made good progress in her head reshaping.  It looks like she has 1-2 more months.  I hope for only 1 more month. 



  1. I have been following your blog for a while now...and I just want to express how beautiful your daughters are (helmets or not). Your family has gone through so much in the last year or so...and I just want to Thank you for being so positive about life. I am uplifted every time I read one of your posts!! Bless you, your beautiful daughters and your family!!

  2. that is so exciting! happy for ya'll! I'm sure haley will follow soon!

  3. YEAH!! I love that you took before and after pictures! Rachel is such a beautiful girl! Praying Haley gets hers off soon as well!

  4. That is amazing news! I have followed your blog since the beginning pretty much, don't comment that much. The girls are doing amazing, such a blessing! I can't get over how amazing Rachel's head looks. What a miracle! I too had a preemie, my son was born at 30 weeks, it's a challenge, especially in the beginning but so rewarding seeing their precious face everyday. You two are amazing people and parents, all your children are so blessed to have you!

  5. Hi! Just wanted to say congratulations on all the progess your girls have made. I love following your blog and look forward to more good news!

  6. Wow!!!! That is so great. Both girls are so amazing!!!! I love reading your blog. You and your family are such an inspiration to us. Those girls truly are miracles. Adorable!!!

  7. what fantastic news !! one of my twins just started helmet therapy yesterday. you are such an inspiration amanda, an amazing and uplifting person who has the most wonderfully positive approach to life. thank you for sharing your journey with us. kindest thoughts, shirley

  8. It's amazing how well the helmet therapy does.....what a difference...she looks terrific. So glad your girls are doing so well.

  9. Good for you! You are inspiring other mothers because the helmet-drama is.not.easy!


  10. That's great she's done with the helmet. And it least it wasn't during the summer! (Lizzy wore hers from April to August - and SUPER STINK! Ugh, who knew?). Oh, and congrats on your anniversary. Time flies, huh?


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