Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our 4th Anniversary

Today Thomas and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Its been a great four years together. We have been so blessed to have each other.  Thomas has blessed my life in so many ways. We have had trials that have tested our marriage, but through those trials our marriage has become stronger. I am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who is always there to guide us and help Thomas and I. We are so blessed to have the Gospel in our marriage. I know because of that we have been able to pull through the difficult times in our marriage.  The difficult times have been a blessing as they have brought us closer together.  We have been able to enjoy many wonderful, joyful and blessed experiences together in our four years.  One of those experiences is having our 8 precious children and the opportunity to have Rachel and Haley here with us now.  We love them so very much.  We are grateful that families are forever.  We look forward to many more years together.  For our anniversary Thomas brought home dinner.  We enjoyed that together.  We plan on going to our church's temple on Friday (1/14).  We were married in this temple and look forward to visiting again.  We are grateful to our wonderful friend for offering to babysit the girls for us so we can have a little couple time together.

These pictures are of Thomas and I on our wedding day 4 years ago - January 12, 2007 at the Houston Texas Temple


  1. Beautiful! Congratulations! You two have lived many lifetimes in these four short years, but it has made you all the more wiser, stronger and more supportive of each other because of it!

    I love that temple, but I don't recognize it! What one is it?

  2. Happy Anniversary....Your dress is so beautiful and I love your husband in his Tux what a beautiful and handsome couple. I am sure on that day you had no idea what the future would many challenges and so many blessings!!! Thank heavens for the gospel and the blessings of being married in the temple for eternity!!

    I must say one of my favorite pictures is the two of you walking!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Happy Anniversary!

    I have always wanted to ask - what is the large red mark on your husband's face? Not that it matters. I just wondered if it was a birthmark.

  4. Yea, I am so happy my sister showed me your site!!

    Happy anniversary to an awesome couple!

    Your sweet girls brighten my heart and amaze me every week. The world is blessed with their little souls in it and with your two raising them!


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