Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daddy's Home!

Thomas flew to Salt Lake City, Utah last Saturday night for his grandmother's funeral.  Grandma lived 89 long happy years.  We love and miss her, but I'm sure she is happy to be with those she loved. In particular Grandpa and her mother who she hasn't seen in 71 years.  I am quite confident that Grandma is also with our precious sons and daughters who have gone on before us.  We are grateful that daddy has arrived back home safe and sound.  While Thomas was away, my week was a bit more busier.  I survived despite the exhaustion.

Daddy and his girls

Here is an update on the latest with the girls:
 Rachel is getting closer to crawling perfectly.  Right now she does this scooting kind of crawl, but it doesn't stop her from getting anywhere.  She has been getting into things on the floor that I wouldn't have thought she would get into.  I need to really start baby proofing the house, especially before she does crawl correctly.  She will get there sooner than later.  Everyday I see her getting closer to it.  She has been working hard on it.

Rachel trying to crawl

Haley went to the ocularist for her prosthetic eye/shell a week ago.  The ocularist is currently making a clear contact lens for her left eye.  This clear contact lens will be used to test the tolerance to it before he makes the prosthesis.  Next month we will get her started in the clear contact lens.  If all goes well with that then we will move forward with the prosthesis.  The prosthesis will help her left eye to look normal.  Right now her left eye is small and is not growing well.  I have to say it will be interesting to see how she tolerates the prosthesis.


Here are more recent pictures I wanted to share:



Haley loves jumping in this
Rachel just loves watching Haley

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  1. I sure do love these new pictures of the girls along with their daddy!! It is soooo fun to see them smiling, sitting, crawling and in the "Johnny-jump-up" (that is what we used to call it "back in the day"...not sure it is still called that).
    Your blog is still one of my favorite stops online!!


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