Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

Another year has come and gone.  2010 was a good year for us.  So many wonderful things have happened.  Here is a recap of 2010 for the girls:
  • The girls came home late February (this is #1)!
  • The girls were blessed in our church on June 6.
  • The girls turned 1 on August 4.
  • The girls were at home with us all year for all the holiday's and celebrations.  It was so wonderful to be together as a family.
  • The girls have not had to go back into the hospital due to sicknesses.  This is amazing to me since the doctors warned us that they may be in and out of the hospital since they were extremely premature. 
Rachel and Haley have each accomplished many things this past year.  They have made some good progress which we are so grateful for.  Here is a list of the things both Haley and Rachel have accomplished.  These are just some of the highlights.  They have accomplished so much than this.  If I wrote it all, this would be a very long blog post.

  • Got off her supplemental oxygen in April.
  • Rolled over for the first time in May.
  • Started eating baby food in July.
  • Got her feeding tube out for good in September.
  • Started sitting on her own early November.
  • Haley has been drinking 2-3 oz once a day from a sippy cup since December.
  • Finally hit 16 pounds in December (Haley has a hard time gaining weight.  She is a slow grower, but I switched her to Pediasure and now she is gaining weight better). 

    • Got off her supplemental oxygen in early June.
    • Rolled over for the first time in June.
    • Rachel has been working on crawling since November (she is not doing it 100% yet, but getting closer everyday).
    • Has been eating small amounts of baby food better starting late November (this with the help of the girls wonderful occupational therapist).
    • Has developed and gotten significantly stronger with her head and neck control as well as bearing more weight on her legs and arms since November (Rachel has low muscle tone so this is great progress).
    • Finally got a top tooth in December (Rachel got 2 bottom teeth in July and we had been waiting for more teeth since then).
    • Rachel hit 19 pounds in December.  Rachel is growing very well.


    We love Rachel and Haley so much and look forward to seeing them grow and develop even more.  2011 will be a great year for them.  I can't believe they will turn 2 this year in August.  Time flies and my little babies are growing up so fast.  Happy New Years to everyone!

    Rachel and Haley


    1. They are gorgeous! I have been following your blog since they were born! You have been SO blessed with their growth and development :)

    2. Amanda,
      You are truly blessed by our Heavenly Father. You have a wonderful husband and two absolutely beautiful children. The girls are doing so very well with their development!! They have amazing parents backing them. I wish you and your family noting but the best in 2011.

      Christy, Cody & Camryn

    3. So glad they are doing well and hope that your 2011 is a great year.

    4. This was an amazing post and I just loved it. It is so neat to see how far they come and I bet on occasion you wonder what another year will bring. Heavenly Father does love you and your family and has blessed you with Haley and Rachel and your other children who are waiting on the other side :)


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