Tuesday, January 4, 2011

17 months old - The funny things they do!

Today the girls are 17 months old!  I can't believe next month they will be 18 months!  They are getting older so fast.  I still remember the day they were born and the day we finally got to bring them home.  The girls are doing ok today.  They are both getting over a cold, but are playful and feisty as usual.  They are always doing something that makes me laugh or smile.  Over the past couple of weeks I got some great pictures of some of the funny stuff they do.  Enjoy!

Rachel and those glasses!  I can't keep them on her correctly.
Haley and that hair after her bath.  So cute!
Haley loves her blanket.  She has to have it when she sleeps.
Haley asleep in her bouncer.  She moves a lot in her sleep and got herself in this position.

Rachel and the glasses again!
Haley still chews on her glasses.  Just can't win.
Rachel rolled/scooted to the magazine basket.  She chewed the corner of the magazine.
Rachel then rolled/scooted over to the diaper caddy.  Here she is chewing on the edge of the basket.
Rachel in the middle of the mound of toys.
Finally got the toys under control thanks to this toy bin organizer.  Love it!


  1. We actually have two of those toy bins. Seriously agree with you....I love them!! Your girls are so precious and getting so big. I love watching them grow and reading about your miracles! Blessings!

  2. First off I LOVE the toy storage and would love to know where you got it..that is awesome and so cute!!

    Second I just had to laugh and laugh and some of the way they handle their glasses, chewing on things(Rachel) and then the way Haley sleeps is so darn cute!!

  3. A friend gave me the toy bin, but I have seen it at Target. It's great!

  4. Amanda,
    I just found your blog through another and I am just sobbing reading through your story...I lost my first born at 36 weeks. It was so incredibly painful...i didn't even have to watch her suffer, she had already gone home to Jesus when she was born. You are such an amazing woman and mother...I can't imagine what you have gone through, yet so thankful for your 2 girls you have to hold now. What a reward that awaits you in heaven:)

  5. Hi Amanda,
    The girls are gorgeous as usual- but you already know that, lol. :O) They already "love" Ensign as well- that is a good sign :O) & I wanted to know where the toy bin came from- but I see n a previous post that you saw them at Target. So, once I am able to go home again (once Cami is out of the PICU) I am going to Target and gettng a toy bin. Thanks for updating your blog- I love to read it.


  6. Rachel looks exactly like you Amanda in the 5th picture down!

  7. What hilarious pictures! The girls are so adorable.


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