Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Kayla!

Happy 1st Birthday Kayla!  I can't believe my baby girl is 1 years old!  Kayla is not my little baby anymore, she is now a busy toddler!  It feels like yesterday that I had her.  Kayla has been a blessing and a joy to our family.  We are so very blessed to have her along with her big sisters Rachel and Haley.

Kayla is walking!  She started walking at about 11 1/2 months.  I can't believe she is already walking.  She is so tiny to be walking.  Kayla's one year old stats are:  18 lbs, 6 oz (15% ile), 27 1/2 inches (10% ile), Weight for length 50% ile and her head circumference was only at the 3rd% ile.  She has a small head.  Kayla is petite.  She can still wear some 6 month clothing though she mostly wears 9 month size clothes.  

Here is a video of her walking.  I took this video on December 5, 2012.

At one year, Kayla has 5 teeth.  She is still working on that 6th tooth.  She is still eating mostly baby foods, but is eating and loving yogurt, finger foods such as graham crackers, crackers and puffs.  Kayla is still on formula because we tried the milk and she doesn't really care for it.  We will have to do a weaning process of mixing the formula and milk.  Also she loves her bottles so the process of weaning to the sippy cup has been slow.  Kayla does sleep through the night well, usually 12 hours.  I'm loving that!  She loves her baths.  She is active and squirms so much when I change her diaper and when I get her dressed.  Its a challenge!  She "talks" a lot.  She says "ma, ma", "da, da", "ba, ba" plus lots of other sounds.  She's not really saying any recognizable words yet but she "talks" like she is having a conversation.  She even does hand gestures when she talks.  Its really cute.  Kayla is very playful and happy.  She loves to be around people and other kids.  She especially loves to play with her big sisters.  Now that Kayla is walking, she is into everything!  I have to watch her constantly because she can get into things fast.  Kayla is such a delight and it has been a joy to see her learn and grow over the past year.  The next year will be fun!

We had her birthday party on Saturday December 8th.  Both grandparents came along with an aunt and uncle and friends.  It was a small little party, but it was perfect for celebrating Kayla.


I did make the Happy Birthday banner above and the party hat below.  The party hat was fairly simple to make.  I bought a pack of dollar store kids party hats, covered a hat with zebra print fabric and added ribbon around the bottom and a dollar store pom pom on top.  Costs much less than buying one on-line. 

Birthday Girl!

Kayla at the start of eating her slice of cake
Half way through eating her cake
All done!  She ate that whole piece of cake like a champ!
Ready for the gifts!
Kayla got a pink rocking horse.  She loved it!
Kayla and her good friend Franklin from church.  Isn't he cute?
Happy Birthday sweet girl!


  1. what a gorgeous little girl !
    So glad you are experiencing having a healthy child...
    Joyeux anniversaire Kayla !

    You have such a code to type to send a comment... pffffff you really have to want to wish Kayla a happy birthday !

    1. Thanks for your comment! So sorry it has been difficult to send a comment. Not sure why blogger is making it difficult? I have turned the word (code) verification off so it hopefully should be easier to leave a comment. Thanks!

    2. I think most people don't realise there is a big horrible double code to do (letters and numbers) on their blog ! ;)
      Thanks Aman da, it will make things much easier for us if we want to comment ! :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! She is such an adorable little girl!

  3. Kayla is a beautiful one-year-old, and had such a lovely party! Amanda, you are so crafty and a great photographer. I bet Rachel and Haley also had a blast. and yes, Kayla's 'boyfriend' is adorable!

    (thanks for turning off the verification- unless you get spam? I missed posting a few times when I just couldn't get it right.)

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  5. I love the pink + zebra decoration! It looks like Kayla is having a blast with all the movement, presents, and cake eating. I can't believe she is already walking! You go, Kayla!

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl!!!! Great photos... her party looked like fun and what beautiful decorations! :)

    - Fiona

  7. Happy Birthday, Kayla. She looks so much like her big sisters. They are all such beautiful little girls. I have been silently following the blog since the girls were born. Love to follow your wonderful family. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

  8. AT...I too have been following for a long time since they were all born...I so much look forward to the updates and pictures. Please continue.

  9. Lovely Photos and Happy Birthday Kayla - looks like you had a fantastic time and you have brought such joy to your family! Greetings to you all from the UK. x


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