Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This post is late, but I wanted to get this written for memory sake.  For Thanksgiving we traveled to Austin to visit our family.  It had been about 7 months since we last went to Austin.  Thomas and I use to go to Austin more often, but with three little ones its tough.  Its definitely a challenge traveling with three little girls, but we made it.  We enjoyed visiting with Thomas's sisters, his parents, my parents, nieces and nephews.  We enjoyed the traditional Thanksgiving feast as well as the time spent with our family.  Thomas and I are so grateful for our family!

I didn't take many pictures while in Austin which is so unlike me, but I did get some random pictures of the girls.

Kayla's 1st Thanksgiving




  1. A belated Happy Thanksgiving Amanda! Lovely pictures - especially the one of Haley, wow! You captured her gorgeous little face beautifully!

  2. What a beautiful posting! The message and the random pictures are great. Thank you for sharing and happy belated Thanksgiving!


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