Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap

Its the end of the year and time to say goodbye to 2012.  It has been a good year for Rachel, Haley and Kayla.  I'm grateful that 2012 was good and my girls are healthy!  

These pictures of the girls were taken on December 22 at Memorial Park in Houston. 

Rachel, Kayla, Haley

Its been a good year for Rachel.  Rachel has grown so much throughout 2012.  She is getting so tall.  Really she is appropriate height for her age.  She just seems tall in comparison to little Haley.  Rachel's highlights of the year:

- Had one trip to the ER in July due to a bad stomach bug.  Hey I'm not complaining.  I'm so glad it was only one trip throughout the year. 
- Turned 3 on August 4th.
- Started Preschool late August.  
- Has had 4 or more ear infections throughout the year.  She is prone to them even though she has tubes in her ears.
- Less visits to the doctor (overall). 

It has also been a good year for Haley.  She is still a little girl and is going to be petite.  Even though the endocrinologist recommends growth hormone, we at this time are not going to do it.  I just don't want to have her go through daily shots.  She has already been through so much.  She will be fine no matter her size.  Haley's highlights for 2012:

- Had her tonsils removed in February.  Was the best thing for her.  Those tonsils were huge.
-Also had one trip to the ER in July due to that awful stomach bug.  She got so dehydrated.  Poor girl.  Glad she only had one trip as well. 
- Turned 3 on August 4th.
- Started preschool late August.
- Also has had less trips to the doctor.  
- Had only one ear infection.  That's the only ear infection she has ever had.  She doesn't even have tubes in her ears.  The doctor has not been able to get them in due to her small ear canals.
- Got good news about her vision.  It seems to have gotten a little better the last two times she has seen the retinal specialist.  We are so grateful for this wonderful blessing!

Last, but not least little Kayla.  Her first year was great!  She has been healthy except for some reflux and lots of spitting up.  Boy has our carpet seen the best of it.  So grateful for carpet cleaner!  Kayla's highlights for 2012:
- Experienced her first holidays and firsts of everything else. 
- Blessed at our church in March.
- Walked at 11 1/2 months.
- Turned one on December 9th!
- Overall very healthy.  No ear infections!  She has only been sick with colds here and there, but that is it!


Another highlight for us that I have not written about was on April 28 we were on the front cover of the Houston Chronicle.  An article was written about us after another set of sextuplets were born in Houston on April 23.  It was a good article.   We also appeared on two news station reports.

Front cover of the paper
Inside of the newpaper

Well 2012 we say goodbye!  Looking forward to what 2013 will bring!  Much happiness, peace and blessings to all!       


  1. What a wonderful year for you and your family! It sounds as if your girls all grew and changed so much this year. That looks like a great article on your girls. Happy new year to you and your family. WIshing you all the best in 2013! :)

  2. The girls developed a lot last year. I'm sure that this year they will continue to grow and make a lot of progress! What a beautiful family!


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