Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Christmas Girls

Rachel, Haley and Kayla all dressed up in their Christmas dresses.


The girls have been enjoying the Christmas tree.  They like the lights as well as the glittery ornaments.  Yes they do like to take them off the tree.  Thank goodness the ball ornaments are plastic.  So far only one has broken.  They can't help but touch.  My girls love the sparkle!

Kayla, Rachel and Haley
Rachel, Kayla and Haley


  1. To see them all standing there is so precious!!!

  2. Lovely! The magic of Christmas and three beautiful innocent children.

  3. Your Christmas tree is so pretty, I would touch it too! The girls look gorgeous in their Christmas dresses, and priceless standing together! I hope all of you have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2013.


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