Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kayla is 13 months old

Kayla keeps growing up on me.  She is another month older!

These photo shoots with Kayla are getting harder.  She just won't stand still for me.  That's to be expected for a busy toddler!  After taking several pictures (~90), I was able to get some really cute ones.

At 13 months, Kayla weighs 19 pounds.  Yes she is small, but proportional.  She wears mostly 9 month size clothing, but she can wear some 6-9 month size clothes like the dress she is wearing in these pictures.  She is a lot like her sister Haley when it comes to size.

We are working on transitioning her off the bottle.  She is getting better with the sippy cup, but she really likes her bottle when she is tired.  She is doing ok with whole milk, but her spitting up has gotten a little worse since starting whole milk.  As for eating, she is getting so picky.  Her main likes are yogurt, crackers, Gold fish crackers, graham crackers and mini pancakes (in pieces).  I have recently given her a cheese sandwich (broken in small pieces) and she did ok with it.  Also tried a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (broken in small pieces with a small amount of peanut butter) and she seemed to like that as well.  Its kind of hard right now with foods since she only has 6 teeth and they are all the front teeth.

Kayla has such a fun loving, playful, outgoing personality.  She loves attention!  She makes anyone smile and laugh.

I know I have written this before, but Kayla LOVES her sisters.  She thrives off them.  She likes to get playful with them by climbing and crawling on them.  She playfully harasses them!  When Rachel and Haley go to bed she always walks into their room and goes up to their cribs as if she is telling them good night.  Its so sweet!

Kayla continues to work on her talking.  She is working on saying bye and ball.  She jabbers away a lot!


  1. Awww she is just gorgeous!!! :) Similar to my Alidia who is just under 17lbs at just under a year. Doesn't look small either though because like Kayla, she's proportional. Just love all these photos. She looks so happy!!

  2. She's a beautiful girl!

    My son was similar in that he suddenly became way more picky about eating after turning 1. He is now 18 months and has not gotten any better. If it weren't for cheese, he would be out of luck because the main things he will eat are cheese, macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, and cheese pizza. Occassionally, he will self-feed a fruit or vegetable, but it takes a lot of effort of me eating one first, acting like I love it, clapping for myself, and then clapping for him like a maniac if he actually follows my example! Mealtime is exhausting! Hopefully, Kayla will move out of this stage soon!

  3. She's like my Maya in her size! At 3years, 4 months, she is only 26 pounds!

  4. Kayla is beautiful! Great photos!

  5. Isn't she growing up! Again, such sweet photos Amanda, she is a real cutie. The head band really suits her ! x


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