Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Our Valentine's day was good.  The girls wore cute valentine outfits and had a pretty typical day.  Thomas and I were able to go out for dinner with friends.  We went to Outback Steakhouse and the food was so good!  We appreciate the babysitters who watched the girls for us.  We were so happy to go out and spend time together and spend time with our friends on Valentine's day.

Pictures from Valentine's day:


Kayla's first Valentine's day

Kayla and I

The back of Kayla's cute outfit
The balloons Thomas gave me

The picture below is the box of Chocolates Thomas gave me for Valentine's day.  I think its so funny that Thomas didn't even notice that the box was written in Spanish.  I know it doesn't matter and its the chocolates inside that matter, but I just think its so Thomas to not notice that it was written in Spanish.  I appreciate all the gifts that Thomas gave me and I love him and my girls so much. 


  1. Kayla's smile is soooo precious! What a sweet girl who obviously loves the lady behind the camera! And Rachel and Hayle are lovely too. Cutie-pie-status all around!

  2. That's so nice! In regards to the "Spanish," maybe he was just embracing diversity. Love comes in all languages!

  3. They look so cute!!! It looks like they had a wonderful Valentine's Day and that you and your husband did as well!!!

    That makes me laugh about the heart being in Spanish.....


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