Friday, February 24, 2012

Haley's Surgery

Haley had her tonsillectomy today (February 24).  She made it through the surgery ok.  She was very agitated after the surgery due to the anesthesia, but she is doing well now.  We are so glad those tonsils are out because they were huge.  The doctor said that if her tonsils had gotten any bigger they would have overlapped.  Poor Haley!  No wonder she was having some problems with swallowing foods.  We had to feed her creamy, smooth foods because she wouldn't want to swallow textured foods very well.  Haley is staying in the hospital for observation for one night, I hope.  We hope she will be able to come home soon.  What a tough, strong little girl she is!

Playing in the waiting room

Dressed and ready for surgery

Resting after surgery

Haley asleep after a long day


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