Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rachel & Haley are 2 1/2 years old!

 Today Rachel and Haley are 2 1/2 years old.  It seemed like yesterday they turned 2!  Now they are only 6 months away from turning 3!  Wow!  My little girls are getting older so fast.  They sure are active girls.  I have a hard time getting pictures of them because they are always on the move.  Here are the pictures I got today of my cute Rachel and Haley.

Haley and Rachel

Rachel has caught up well on her growth.  She weighs 28 pounds (25-50% ile) and is 33 inches tall (5% ile).  She is doing well with her walking.  Rachel has not said any words yet, but is learning sign language.  She has learned to sign "more".  Her speech and hearing teachers are working on other words as well.  We continue to work on her eating.  It has been a very long frustrating challenge and it will continue to be a challenge to get her to eating 100% by mouth.  Rachel puts some finger foods in her mouth and chews the food, but she continues to spit the food out without swallowing much at all.  She still gets fed 100% through her g-tube.  Rachel is a very determined little girl.  She does not give up when there is something she wants.  Rachel likes to look at books and puzzles and has started becoming interested in watching children's  TV shows (Dora, Sesame Street and cartoons).  She also loves to look at children's apps on mommy's ipod.  She is a beautiful princess.  

Haley's growth is still slow, but she is growing at her own pace.  She weighs 21 1/2 pounds (<5% ile) and is 28 inches tall (<5% ile).  Haley will be seeing the endocrinologist again in June.  We will decide then to do the growth hormone shots or not.  We have been working on getting Haley to eat more to see if it will help her growth.  She is eating larger quantities now so hopefully that will help.  I really think Haley is just going to be a petite person.  Her daddy was little as a child.  With Haley's speech, she sometimes says "mom", but I'm not sure if she knows what she is saying.  She says it at random times even when I'm not near her.  Haley is a fun loving, stimulation seeking little girl.  She loves to jump, play and go outside.  Haley also likes looking at the children's apps on my ipod.  She most likely doesn't see the detail in the apps, but she sees the light, movement and colors.  Haley is a sweet little sensitive girl.   


  1. Wow! I can't believe they are 2 1/2 already! They are such beautiful little ladies. What a blessing they are to you. Cherish each day because it goes by in a flash. :)

  2. Happy 2 1/2 to your girls! I know you're contemplating about the growth hormones - food for thought, here's the stats from my trio when they were 2 1/2 - Weights were Annabel - 22.7 lbs, Mady - 21.9 lbs, and Johnathan - 22.7 lbs. They are now 4 1/2 and we did not do hormones nor were ever presented with them. They now all weight about 28 lbs give or take, will always be on the small side for weight but are hanging in there for height, the important thing is that they've followed their own curves, steadily growing slowly but surely and are developing. That's the biggest key. I don't know anyone who has done the hormones (maybe you can talk to someone who has) but I personally would not do it if in your shoes. Just wanted to share with you.


  3. One more thing, are you doing pediasure or adding carnation instant to D milk? We did pediasure for awhile but then the kids stopped wanting it so switched to carnation added (we did vanilla) and for a good year now have just been on straight D milk.

  4. Oh, and lots and lots of butter and anything else fattening you can add to food! : )

  5. Amanda,

    I have followed your blog ever since the beginning. (I was also experiencing infertility and got pregnant in February of 2009 after 6 or 7 failed IUIs and 2 IVFs.) I was so scared for you when you delivered so early, and I have been amazed at how tough you have been throughout everything. I don't even know how you handled it.

    I did not realize the girls were not talking or that they were so the doctors think that is permanent? I knew they had vision problems, and some brain bleeds...but I didn't think verbal ability was typically affected by that. I hope they make some progress soon.

    I hope you hang in there and your family and friends are watching out for you. You have a lot on your plate! I'll be saying some prayers for the girls.


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