Monday, February 6, 2012

My little Longhorns

I'm from Austin, Texas and seeing how close The University of Texas was, I attended and graduated from UT in May 2001.  So I'm naturally a Longhorn fan.  My husband Thomas is also a big Longhorn fan.  The girls are by default our little Longhorns.  We enjoy seeing our girls sporting cute Longhorn clothes, socks, etc.  I had fun doing a little photo shoot of Kayla, our littlest Longhorn.  She was such a good sport about it.

I don't want to leave out Rachel and Haley.  Back in early September 2011, I took pictures of them in their cute Texas Longhorn dresses.  I had already posted these pictures back then, but here they are again.  Too cute!


  1. Very cute outfits! Now you just need to get all three of them together in their gear!

  2. I love your Longhorns! The girls are looking precious. Kayla and Haley look a lot like each other, and Rachel is just like you. What a beautiful family!

  3. They are sweet little Longhorns! All three of them are simply beautiful!


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