Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A sister's love

A sister's love is such a wonderful thing.  Rachel just loves her sister Haley.  I find Rachel watching Haley with such curiosity and love.  Rachel will crawl over to Haley so she can be near her.  How sweet!  Well come to find out Rachel is more motivated for the particular toy Haley has at the time.  Rachel will crawl over to Haley and take away the toy she has.  Poor Haley doesn't always know what just happened since she can't see well.  Haley is such a good sport.  She doesn't get mad, she finds another toy just to have Rachel take it away again.  Sometimes Haley will hold her own and take back her toy.  The whole process is really cute.  We'll have to work on learning how to share.   I do love seeing them interact together.  They are going to be best friends. 

Rachel giving Haley a kiss

Rachel being curious.  Haley doesn't seem to mind.

Haley playing with her toy

Rachel taking that toy from Haley
Rachel now with Haley's toy.  Poor Haley
Rachel super proud of herself
 Haley forgiving Rachel for taking her toy 
Having fun together
Rachel has Haley in a scissor hold

Oh a sister's love.  How precious!


  1. They are SO adorable!! You are TRULY blessed, but I know you know that already :)

  2. How cute are they! That is so adorable.

  3. very cute pictures!! love seeing them interact.

  4. adorable !! there is no other word :)

  5. I love the picture of Rachel kissing Haley. it is good to see that no matter the age twins everywhere love and tease their siblings oh and fight on occasion as well :)

  6. I have been watching your blog from almost its inseption, but have never commented up to this point. These pictures made me feel I just had to tell you how darling I think the girls are and what a great job you have done so far in raising these two precious souls. I do pray often for you and I know I am not the only one. I'm so glad that you are keeping us all informed as to their well being. Thanks.

  7. We have a couple in our area who have twin boys-also born very prematurely-but one of her last posts talked about the one brother who is more mobile,will take his brother's toy also.

  8. How cute! Sharing, taking toys away, or kissing, they are precious! Congratulations!


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