Monday, February 21, 2011

Rachel & Haley - videos and pictures

We had an uneventful past week.  The girls are doing well.  We are so happy that they are doing so well and have so far gotten through this winter without getting terribly sick.  The girls have gotten a couple of colds here and there, but they have been getting through them easily.  We have been blessed.

The girls are continuing to progress developmentally.  They are so active and keep us busy.  Rachel is getting so close to crawling.  Haley loves to jump in her jumper and likes to stand with assistance and take steps with assistance.  Below are some videos of Rachel working on her crawling and Haley taking some steps with assistance.

Here is Rachel working on her crawling:

Here is Haley "walking" with Daddy's assistance:

Here are the girls in their dresses they wore to church this Sunday.  They were so cute in these dresses. 

Haley and Rachel

Me and the girls
Haley with her cute smile

Rachel relaxing - Mommy's lil' cutie


  1. wonderful videos. thanks for sharing

  2. They. Are. Such. Big. Girls. These videos are amazing! Way to go, Haley and Rachel!


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