Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Haley got her Helmet off!!!

Today was Haley's turn to get her helmet off.  She wore her helmet for 5 months and again it was all worth it.  Her head looks so much rounder.  The reshaping helmets are not the most fun to deal with, but they work great!  I'm so glad we decided to put a helmet on Haley 5 months ago.  You can really see the difference it made in the pictures below.

Before and after pictures of Haley's head:

Before the helmet (8/31/10)
After the helmet (2/2/11)

Haley also got new glasses last week.  Her prescription has not changed, just the size of the frames.  I have to say they are much bigger and make her face seem small.  Also without the helmet her face looks smaller.  It has been a challenge to keep her glasses on her, but I know that they are helping her to see better.  Yes that is right - see better.  Haley can see something, we just don't know how well.  She loves to look at lights and will reach out for objects/toys presented in front of her.  She is not completely blind as her eye doctor told us a while ago.  Haley has a vision teacher that comes to see her weekly and she puts Haley in the low vision category.  We are so happy that Haley has some vision and is not completely and totally blind.  She won't ever drive and she may still have to learn braille, but at least she is not living in complete darkness.  This is such a wonderful blessing for her and we know all prayers for her have been heard.  She is such a happy baby despite her low vision. 

Haley with her new glasses and no helmet
Haley and Daddy

To finish it off, here are some cute pictures of Rachel:

Rachel in the swing.  She is outgrowing this since she wants to sit up and hold onto the sides now.

Rachel playing with her balloon
Rachel getting into her toys.  She has really been getting into stuff these days.


  1. These are just great pictures!! The girls are amazing.....god bless!

  2. Wonderful news and what a pretty looking head! I'm so glad the girls are doing so well.

    Cathy (FF)

  3. I am so glad that Miss Haley got her helmet of as well and it really did make a huge change for her. I am also so glad to hear that she can see that is a miracle and so exciting.

    The picture of Haley and Daddy was so darn cute!!

    The picture of Miss Rachel getting into her toys makes me laugh. She is very busy and has things to do.

  4. Wow! Her head looks AWESOME! So worth it. Both of the girls look great and SO old!


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