Sunday, December 18, 2016

Kayla's 5th Birthday and party

Kayla turned 5 on December 9th.  Oh how time flies.  My baby girl is growing up so fast!  She has been excited for her 5th birthday for months and it finally came.  On the 9th her preschool class sang Happy Birthday to her and I brought treats for the class.  She had a great day!  On the 10th was her birthday party.  We had her party at Persona Pizza and it was a My Little Pony themed party.  She had some of her friends, some of her cousins, her sisters and brother of course and both grandparents attend.  She had a great day and the party went well!

Here are Kayla's stats:
Wt: 33 pounds (9%ile)
Ht: 3 ft, 3 inches (2%ile)
BMI: 61%

She's petite and wears a size 3T / 4T.

Kayla at age 5:
- She loves My little pony
- Makes friends easily and loves to talk to her friends
- Has a very imaginative mind.  She pretend plays with her dolls and toys a lot.
- She is a sweet, loving girl.  Gives kisses and hugs to her sisters and brother as well as to daddy and mommy.
- Loves to watch movies
- Loves Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets and lemonade as well as Persona Pizza
- Hard to get to bed and hard to get her up in the morning
- Likes to color and does a very good job staying in the lines.

Pictures below were taken at her preschool on her birthday:

Her preschool class was singing to her
Eating birthday treats

The pictures below were taken at her birthday party at Persona Pizza on Dec 10:

Blowing out the candles

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  1. my goodness , she is growing up so quickly. A beautiful little girl


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