Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Brandon turned ONE!!!

This post is so late.  I will post about Christmas soon.

Brandon turned one on December 14th.  The past year went so fast and my last baby is one.  He is just a precious little boy who is so strong and resilient.  He has gone through so much with the spina bifida but he is just so happy and is making good progress.  Yes he is behind physically and somewhat behind developmentally, but he is making progress.  He just melts my heart with his cute looks and smiles.  He's such a loving little boy and gives the best hugs.  He's a precious blessing to our family!

Poor baby at his one year check up (12/15/16) was diagnosed with a sinus infection, double ear infection and a bladder infection.  Brandon didn't even act sick.  He was happy and seemed ok except he still had some congestion and a cough that had started on Thanksgiving.  Thankfully he is all better now.

Stats at one year old (recorded 12/15/16):

Weight: 19 lbs, 8oz (25%ile).  Was 20 lbs, 2 oz one week later!
Length: 28.7 inches (10-25%ile). Yes he's short!
Head circumference: 46.5 cm (50-75%ile)
Weight/Length: 45%ile

Brandon is a little guy despite being born at 9 lbs, 7 oz!  He's on the small side like Haley and Kayla.  He can still wear some 9 month clothes.  Most of his 12 month clothes are big on him.  I bought so many cute clothes in size 12 month or 12-18 months for this winter and they are big on him.  Oh well he's gotta wear them anyway.  He's still in a size 3 diaper.

Physically Brandon is rolling and army crawling all around.  He's still not sitting up on his own unless he is holding on to something.  As he crawls around he loves to get into his sisters toys and explore.  He's a curious boy!  He really likes toys that rattle and toys that make noise and light up.  He especially loves cell phones and anything electronic like the iPad.  I can't be on my phone around him because he will grab it quickly.

As for eating, Brandon is doing better at eating more variety of baby foods. He still loves his cereal and he loves those Gerber puffs.  I will be trying some new foods and textures to see how it goes as he needs to advance with more table foods.  Brandon will be getting a swallow study on Dec 30th to check his swallow.  Since he's still having issues with spitting up the doctor felt it necessary to get a swallow study to look at what might be going on.

Brandon saw a new urologist at the same place we had taken him before. This new doctor wanted us to stop cathing him since he kept getting bladder infections and since he wasn't refluxing up into his kidneys.  Brandon does urinate on his own.  He just may not always empty his bladder completely, but the doctor wasn't concerned about that.  Brandon will get a more intense bladder and kidney function test in about 3 months.  This test will give us more information as to see if Brandon will need cathing again or not.  He will be monitored frequently up to 2 years old to keep an eye on those kidney's and bladder.  Not all kids with Spina Bifida have to be cathed.  We are learning more and more about this birth defect.  We hope Brandon can continue to not need cathing.  Brandon is so prone to bladder infections that it would be best for him to not have to be cathed.  Only time will tell.

Brandon saw his neurosurgeon (Dr. Fletcher) on Dec 1st and got a good report.  Prior to the appointment Brandon had a MRI to check his shunt and ventricles.  All looked great!  Brandon has not had any problems with the shunt and the chances of having any problems are much lower now that it has been a year since it was placed.  Many blessings and prayers answered!

Brandon continues to be our best sleeper ever!  He goes to bed easily and sleeps through the night.  He sleeps about 11 + hours at night.

I can't thank my Heavenly Father enough for this precious addition to our family.  We are so blessed and are eternally grateful for this miracle!

The exact time Brandon turned one!  He was born at 1:05 pm.
Decorated for his Birthday

Not a fan of his cake
He would have rather played with the paper plate
Taking some tastes of the cake
Not interested in more cake.  Just too cute!
All the gifts he got

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