Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Kayla!!!

Sorry for the month long hiatus from my blog.  Life at times is busy.  This time of the year is particularly busy for me.  I have been doing more photo shoots, lots of editing of pictures, Kayla's birthday and the everyday stuff that we have going on at our house.  Rachel and Haley are doing good.  More to come on that....

Kayla turned three on December 9th!!!  How the past year has flown by.  My baby girl is growing up quick.  I will do a separate blog post of her 3 year old pictures and update.  We had a small birthday party for her on the 6th.  Her party theme this year was princess Sofia.  Kayla has been excited for her birthday for months and one of the things she requested for her birthday was a cookie cake.  Ever since she saw the cookie cake I had for my birthday she has wanted one.  So we got her one and she loved it!

Blowing out her candle

The cookie cake.  The writing got messed up while in transit in the box.  Oh well, Kayla loved it!
Opening her gifts
Jumping on the trampoline with her sisters

On December 9th, Kayla went to her preschool class.  They sang Happy Birthday to her and we brought cookies for her classmates.  She had a great birthday!

Kayla with one of her preschool teachers
Enjoying her cookie

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  1. Happy birthday. I loved when my daughter was three. The things that came out of her mouth were priceless.


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