Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Recap

Well here we are at the end of yet another year.  I remember writing a similar post at this very same time last year (20 minutes or so before midnight).  I really can't believe how fast the years are going.  As I get older and as the girls get older, time seems to go faster.  I wish there was a way to slow it down.  Well, 2014 was good.  We didn't have any major happenings.  I would say it was pretty quiet.  Below are the highlights for each of us the past year.

Thomas (daddy):  The beginning of the year, Thomas finally got to  embark on a journey he has always wanted to do.  With his brother and two good friends, they are business owners with the Jimmy John's franchise.  It has been a long tough year getting it going and they are still at the point of trying to get a lease for the location they want, but they have plans to open more than just one Jimmy John's.  Its exciting times and I really look forward to when they get their first store open.  Lots of pictures and blog posts coming in 2015 about this journey in our family.
Thomas continues to work in sales and has switched jobs a couple of times this year.  He ended up loosing his job at the beginning of this month (December), but fortunately he got another job and will start January 5th!!!  What a wonderful blessing!!!

Amanda (mommy):  I continue to practice and work on my photography.  I have had more photo shoots this year than last hence the reason I have not had time to blog as much as I have wanted.  Editing pictures takes some time, but I'm learning more as I do it more and more.  I love photography and I'm striving to learn more and improve as time goes on.  I just wish photography equipment wasn't so expensive.  I have my eye on some lenses, but they are so pricey!  I will have to just save and wait on those.  It figures that I would choose a hobby that was so expensive.  Oh well, its a hobby that I love and helps me get away from the everyday frustrations.
Well I had yet another miscarriage this year as well.  I found out I was pregnant in late July and then a week later I had a miscarriage.  It's very discouraging!  Infertility is frustrating and at times I feel hopeless about having another baby.  But I do try to remember that its the Lord's will and if its meant to be it will happen.  I am getting older (I'm 38 years old) and I know that my clock is ticking very loud so I just don't know if its still possible or not.  We will just have to wait and see for 2015!

Rachel:  She did have that illness that landed her in the hospital back in September, but thankfully she was ok and it was not anything major.  Other than that she is doing well health wise.  She is enjoying Kindergarten and is making progress with her sign language and communication.  I will expand more regarding the progress the girls are making later in a different post.  I just wanted to highlight some things for this post.  Plus I need to hurry and finish this post before midnight!

Haley:  Haley is our strong healthy girl.  She really doesn't get sick much and she didn't in 2014.  She has been getting more spunky and with more girl attitude lately.  She loves to be held and loves to cling to people.  She is a sensitive loving girl.

Kayla:  Kayla turned 3 this month and I really can't believe how fast time has flown since my baby was born.  I really miss those baby days, but I am loving (mostly) her at this age.  Kayla's vocabulary is amazing!  She is also so dramatic.  Future actress, maybe?  She is enjoying preschool and making new friends.  Also has been very healthy this year.  

So we say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015.  Again I hope for another great year and new blessings!  Happy new year to all of you and I hope for the best in the new year!!!  


  1. I am sorry to hear you had another miscarriage. I know that you have been through the gamut of different kinds of infant and pregnancy loss and that there is likely nothing I can say that will offer any comfort. But know that I am thinking of you. And somehow I have this feeling in my soul that you will have another little miracle someday.

  2. Miscarriages are so hard! Have you researched progesterone cream? I know many women who have had full term pregnancies after several miscarriages, and then using the cream. Worth a try...


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