Friday, August 1, 2014

Past 5 months - Favorite random photos

I love photography and really enjoy taking pictures.  I have taken lots of pictures!  Many of those pictures don't end up on this blog for one reason or another.  So this blog post is dedicated to some of my favorite random pictures I have taken the past 5 months that have yet to make it on here, but deserve to be shown.

Rainbow we saw as we were coming home from Austin June 1st
Bayou Bend Gardens - March 
Tulips at Bayou Bend Gardens - March
Daddy and Kayla - May
Rachel - June
Rachel - June
Haley - June
A pretty cat we saw during the 4th of July photo shoot of my girls
Sunset on Lake Livingston - July
Kayla taking in the sunset on Lake Livingston - July
Beautiful Oak trees at Elizabeth Baldwin park - July


  1. Those trees look similar to some trees I took pictures of in the Eleanor Tinsley park in downtown Houston.

  2. Beautiful photos Amanda - truly stunning


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