Saturday, August 23, 2014

First Haircuts!

It was time!  We finally got the girls their first professional haircuts.  They needed it!  Rachel and Haley have had their first at home haircuts back in 2012 by Grandma Stansel and I.  We only cut a small amount from the back of their hair.  So it was nice to get a good professional cut this time around.  They really only got the backs of their hair cut since it was getting so long.  They all had mullets!
This was also Kayla's very first haircut.  She loved it!  I thought for sure she would be scared, but not at all.  Rachel was scared.  She cried.  Haley was scared too, but she got through it well.  Haley gets scared in new and unfamiliar situations.  

Of course I took my big camera to the hair place.  I'm sure they thought I was an overzealous mom taking pictures, but I can't help it.  Taking pictures is an enjoyable way of capturing special moments like these.  I want to remember moments like this for years to come.

Rachel getting her hair cut.  She had to be held by a friend of mine to allow her hair to get cut. 
This after she was done getting her hair cut.  She was not happy.
Haley sitting so well for her hair cut

Haley after her hair was cut
Kayla getting her hair cut
Kayla after her hair was cut

Its kind of hard to see a big difference in their hair from these pictures since only the back of their hair was cut.  I took more pictures the day after their haircuts to try to capture their new looks.



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