Thursday, August 21, 2014


The girls love jumping on trampolines!  We found out that there was a place called Sky High Sports (trampoline place) here in Houston that offers a discount to children with special needs every first Tuesday of the month.  We jumped at the opportunity to go since the girls love jumping on trampolines.  This trampoline place was huge!  The place was covered (floors and walls) in trampolines!  The girls had a great time as well as Thomas and I.  We had so much fun that we finally decided to go ahead and buy the girls a trampoline for their birthday.  Yes this is a late birthday gift, but it took some convincing to get me to agree to it.  I really didn't want to see a big trampoline outside my back window everyday, but its for the girls.  I will get used to it.  We haven't put the trampoline up yet, but that will be happening soon and I will post pictures for sure when they finally get to jump on it.

Thomas caught this pic of me.  Too funny!
Thomas doing a back flip.  What a show off :)
Haley and Kayla


  1. haha LOVE IT. you guys look so happy and enjoying yourselves :-D Your husband is quite a show off, I couldn't do that if you paid me a million dollars, I would break my back lol

  2. I had a trampoline for my kids when they were growing up and it was the best investment EVER!! Fun for the whole family. Great place for spring time naps and nightime star gazing. In the hot summer we would put a sprinkler underneath - add bubble bath - and have a great cool slippery time. We went through 3-4 replacement mats. Enjoy!!

  3. Amanda, my son has a business here in Spring named FiredUp Assemblers. The owner & employees are full time fireman. Give them a call to put your trampoline together. His # is 832-726-3505 or you can see his website Fired Up Under "Gallery" you can see the trampolines they have assembled. They were even on Debra Duncan's tv show.

  4. How awesome. I have a 25 weaker who is now almost 9. I have not commented for awhile, but we took our kiddo to the trampoline park the other day and he had a great time. I think it is fabulous that they have discounts for special needs.

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